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I '■•-i'J-^'-'Jr.. K 



& w^m 


&wmm® sa&s c&a d© sas £&» o© em 
%*& imm mm wkm mm *®m book 




As Harpeth Hall celebrates 50 
years of education and tradition, 
the Milestones staff found it only 
appropriate to go against the grain 
and BREAK TRADITION. Were you a 
Triad? Ariston? Eccowasin? or 
perhaps an Angkor? What part 
did you play in the annual George 
Washington celebration? Let's not 
forget white dresses, plaid skirts 
(of varying lengths), and the tucked 
in/rolled up white blouse. How 
many years have you worn your 
one pair of saddle oxfords? When 
asked your mascot what do you 
say? I am a Bear or I am a 

Above: When the saddle 
oxfords were removed from 
the mandatory uniform , 
Harpeth Hall lost it's "sole." 

Right: Senior Superlative from 
1963. ..Left to Right: Nickye 
Yokley, Best Dressed; Pam 
Polk, Best All Around; and Jane 
Hambrick, Most Responsible. 

dK&OAJLM> / ^ 

Souby Hall, standing to greet 
a speaker, Senior House, step 
singing, outside graduation, 
class songs and Senior Recogni- 
tion Day all stand out as favor- 
ite traditions. Sometimes tradi- 
tions change. Once, every se- 
nior class received the "Beanie" 
on Senior Recognition Day. 
Once, saddle oxfords were a 
part of the every day uniform. 
Once, students actually wore 
plaid skirts more than fingertip 

ilength. Once, the school didn't 
rjhave any computers. Just this 

jyear 8th graders are the pio- 
neers of our new laptop pro- 
gram. By the time school starts 
in 2001 all students, excpet Se- 
niors will have a laptop. Remem- 
ber the old, celebrate the new! 

Left: The annual George 
Washington celebration was 
originally performed by the 
Upper classmen, but now it 
is a tradition of the seventh 
grade. Photo dated 1947. 

Above: The tradition of 
the beanie hat for the 
Seniors was replaced 
with the Seniors being 
able to choose their type 
of hat now. 

Magnificent Martha 

We look up to you 
For wisdom of the game. 
To help us find our passions 
And to help us find our hearts. 

Your dreams for us are in your fighting strength. 

And built within your presence, 

Lies a raging temper rarely heard- 

With a soft heart of endless encouragement 

Even on the worst of days, 
You help us see the finish line- 
The joy that emanates from inside you 
That blind men could undoubtedly see. 

You must be the greatest sister with your fun laugh everyday 
The greatest Vandy fan to ever come from UK. 
We know Binkley, Thomas, and Slam love you, too 
And we close by saying - Ms. Martha Grace, 

- the Middle School dedicates this book to you. -Kara Huffstutter 

TIM Tilt TOtt 

xjl<i, \tfi.L ii^c iXo\*-t'i li*. ^■ucfcc'lc-Cy i^fi-bc 
*h.t IttL fx0,i.+t*AL. - ><*4,*i*i*ve f>to-WP* 

ttAc(Lt\ t(Le,i+lA. stixWt to. tc l^ki. f/e 
^t\j.L\ ct^ct C'^-t'l i*^- o.f\ A'h-y Oi*t o-l £*•-*■'h.t'l {'lt (it {CtxOH/,4, 6.^4- 
&tlltVt<t t&ty CA-1* lUCCttA. -Jcf^^i^t^ 

He is more than just the fire chief of the 
Harpeth Hall School. Mr. Tony Springman 
has worn many hats here. He has done 
everything from Asst. Athletic Director to 
teaching Psychology and American 
Government to serving on the Diversity 
Comittee for the Board of Trustees. He is a 
father to Emily, Rachel, Austin and Nate, 
husband of Lisa. He coached the Varsity 
Basketball team from 1 987-1 998. As one of 
the members of the male posse, Mr. 
Springman has survived 14 years at HH, anc 
we hope he survives many more. The Upper 
School would like to dedicate the 2000-2001 
Milestones to Mr. Tony Springman. 
— — 

smorgasbord _ 

Above: Just 3 little mid-morninc) snack, 
Left: "Wow! I didn't know fortunes cgme in 
cockers!", thinks Margaret Podson. 


Harpeth Hall girls hole} an immense love not only 
for their prestigious education but for the food that 
comes along with it. Carrying a plateful of brownies 
through the hallway is simply asking for scavengers, 
while advisee meetings an4 long blocksofclassesare 
nearly always accompanied with a tasty treat. Senior 
Emily Dade affirmed this fondness by stating that 
her favorite tradition at Harpeth Hall was "...any- 
thing that involves FOOD." At the beginning 

ofthe school year, students arrived to find Above: Elizabeth Ballard, the new potato-chips-spokeswoman, 

several obvious changes in Harpeth Hall's 

physical appearance, but perhaps the most talked-about was the new dining program. When surveyed, 
students chose everything f<rom pasta to "those little green apples" as their new favorite cafeteria food. 
The Cart, a new Junior-senior privilege, made food even more accessible by bringing lunch directly in 
front ofthe Senior House. These changes have not altered the excitement a student exerts when a 
gracious classmate brings cake to class. Freshman Laura Wright exemplifies the typical Harpeth Hall 
student by admitting that the phrase she says too often is, "Where's the foods'" 

Below: Becky White, Seema Kanwar, Ellen Davis, and Courtney Smith contemplate the wholesome 
goodness of cafeteria lunches. 


In Memory of 
Carol Clark Elam 


a dear friend ofHarpeth Hall who will never be forgotten 


fe^A J/rv %cytfe <A^ GU %l 

/&JM.i&nr$A 4v, ^^(^tvX^/uJVlyU^fXe 

1 tJ—LMU 

■ " ^L * - ^' r^^ 7, 

\Jk [.MA pifc- 

n i 


Our 6th sense 

Most Harpeth Hall girls are quite fashionable, but there are 
always exceptions ! Whether momentary lapses of insanity 
or innate problems that will be faced for eternity, these sorry 
souls were caught on camera in their disgraceful duds. 

Right: Through sled. rain, and snow -the sandals prevail! 
Below Left: spell it out with me now... C-L-A-S-H. 
Below Right: a picture is worth a thousand words. 


...or lack thereof 


in the hall 

The wide variety of tastes in 
fashion is realized on the campus of 
Harpeth Hall. Every style from trendy to 
classic to gothic is modeled by this 
diversely dressed community. Often 
observers can see all the latest styles just 
by dropping in on a casual day. The 
uniforms themselves are given personal 
touches by those who wear them through 
unique splashes of their own fashion 
flavor. Formals are characterized by not 
only beautiful long flowing evening 
gowns, but one of a kind dresses with 
wholly new approaches. Let it be known 
that these girls definitely know their stuff! 

The crazes of the year have 
included suede and leather materials, 
funky cable knit sweaters, and bright 
colors. The fashion styles of the 70's also 
made their way back into the mainstream 
with flowing materials and oversized 
"aviator" glasses. A mix of old and new 
was a characterization of the 2000-200 1 
year in fashion. Classic looks were 
modernized with new-age fits and cuts. 
Unique scarves and hats made a very 
prnclical revival this winter, allowing for an 
up-to-date look that also keeps you warm. 
Whatever the new craze, it never passed 
through Harpeth Hall's campus unnoticed. 

Students a "dress" the real 

Q: What is your typical weekend 

A: "cowboy boots." -Tori Tucker, 
10 th grade 

Q: What is your favorite pair of 

A:"Ummm...Mavis. I'm loyal to the 
Mavi industry." -Betty Elrod, 12 th 




N ew Handrail, wider, less steep 
stairs, a tile enterance, columns, 
trophy cases... It is hard to r 
member what it use to look like. 
Phipps construction was respon- 
sible for the Gallery and Audita- 

"Construction, no matter how inconvenient, is 

a sign of a vibrant place that is alive and 

going strong! I LOVE it!" 

LaVoe Mulgrrew 

flat patio, new carpet in the Gallery, trophy cases as you 
enter the gym, no spray paint on the outside wall of the senior 
house, green chairs in the auditorium, a massive hole where 
there use to be a library... These are just a few of the many 
changes that greeted students as they entered campus for the 
new school year. 

Upper school students stepped smoothly on to the Gambill 
Courtyard. Here a welcoming new enterance was created 
complete with limestone caps for sitting and stepping. No 
longer is senior house identified with green spray paint, but 
rather a more dignified limestone plaque. 

Imagine entering Marnie Sheridan Gallery and stepping on 
black and white tile. Then, as you look to the left you know that 
there really is a gym. To the right, new columns introduce a 
revamped auditorium. Here the burnt orange seats (circa 
1977) are replaced by a more comfortable green. Pictures of 
the life of Frances Bond Davis hang in the rear. 

And, how could you not drive on to campus and not notice the 
big hole in the ground. Over the course of the year, a state of 
the art library rises before our eyes. 

t outside Souby Hall, dump truck 
become a familiar site. Carl Johnsi 
tirelessly over the summer to compli 
limestone seats, steps and signs. 

mil dozers, gravel, dirt piles, and wood pilings 
the masonry contractor, and his men worked 
the project. Cumberland Stone fabricated the 

Orion Construction began 
work just after graduation 2000 
so our new library would be com- 
plete, at least on the outside, for 
graduation 2001. Many subcon- 
tractors are a part of this project, 
include Landmark and Sanke 

We look forward to sharing the 
complete picture of the new 
Ann Scott Carell Library in 
Milestones 2001-2002. 


Yj oes this look familiar? Do you 
remember this carpeting, per- 
haps the textured walls, the win- 
dows without automated cur- 
tains? (left) 

O ne can never fully appreciate 
1 you have lived 
through it. No job site would be 
complete without the ever 
present dumpster and Port-O- 
John. (above) 




EvmlyBurn/ StephanlesB&atty Li^ie/Swu^h Helen/ Martin/ Alexandra/ 


1 — jt " a Tiiii"'TiiM'iMiii'" J "r~"'TTtt«iff 

8 -year Club- 

annah/ QalbraMv X.iwv Gddsbt&tw Corivwie/Hyvvatt Mu^haela/McKee/ Shannon/ Stone/ 

1 l!U&\m\%" \srsrss? 1 

Senior Cla&y Officers 

President: Elizabeth Ramsey 

Vice President: Mary Cres Szarwark 

Secretary: Kathleen Serck 

Parliamentarian: Lauren Toth 

Treasurer: Susan Oliver 

Spirit Leader: Julie Cato 


Lcuwe*v'Blalr Toth 

Catey A nn/Tahericwv 



Shcuwuyw Koie< Sterna Ad^EUy^h&thSharwdl 


LL&a/ Christina/ ShCpp 

ErCwCi ray K lAMeU 


EU^ahethClcure/ Kcwmey 


VirginlcvElearuyr Porch/ 

Allc&Thjympbon/Ormcwv SuMM^McirgaretGlOver jeswufer Meg<wv Newmcw-Mule*- 

CcwiyuwShephe^d/MyviCltt CcvtheriAoes EaiterUng^ MotMXtoaMi^ MeXAM^Lefcou^MobleA/ 


MoUy Hym&Mcrore' 

CriM^vMar^arvtMiXl^ EU%abethsSc<yttMcWtiluxmfr 

TCaXKry^Mcu'LeyMcKCydey Mu^haelcvScovctMcKee/ 


AvwyLcvure^vMcVuffie' ChuAxlix&Lajaca^erM&onneU/ Catixerto&CoiywMc/CcUvv 




SarafoA lejcandrasL ittlefair - 

frcvncet-S uttcm/L Cp man/ 


A moo-ft utoeU/KeUy 


McwgaretEtig^dyeth/fOYiefr SaUyRebe<x>aJad<4on/ Cara/Pai^HiAmnelfarb- 

LealvLyn*vHL$hs JenniferVeni^Harri^on, Kathleen, Saker Harvell 


Chrtite^CcddweULHcwper Elu&Mcw-Ce'Hatfaw 

Kelly Eli^aheth/Guicler 




M 6cKette^Den^e^(5a^cm/ 



Betty Blakey Elrod/ 


CheUea/M a^ccUre^Ccuter 

Ccctherine^B ri^yCarroU 




Kc^theri^eyTaylorBladomcrYV Stephcwu& A vws Beotty 

TCcrtesElifyabethsA dcwm- 


Katy Adams most likely to be arrested 
Ivana Babic most likely to be a doctor 
Ann Stewart Banker most likely to use her roof as an exit 
Dacia Beard most likely to still be laughing about a joke ten minutes later 

Stephanie Beatty most likely to correct a man's French while he's hitting on her 

Kate Blackmon most likely to be a diva 

Emily Burn most likely to call someone a noodle as an insult 

Evins Cameron most likely to be diagnosed with narcolepsy 
Catherine Carroll most likely to be dating someone twice her age 
Chelsea Carter most likely to turn any comment into a sexual comment 
Julie Cato most likely to be seen wandering the halls 
Rachel Chisolm most likely to knock something off her desk 
Cory Chockley most likely to move to NY to stalk Tina Landin 

Grace Clayton most likely to wake up with gum in her hair while wearing dirty underwear 

Emily Dade most likely to have the best beehive at winter formal 

Elizabeth Edwards most likely to act her way out of a demerit 

Betty Blake Elrod most likely not to like her senior superlative 

Ann Ezzell most likely to get frostbite 

Sarah Fleming most likely to win an Oscar for teacher impressions 

Carey Floyd most likely to agree 

Kara Fox most likely to free Tibet speaking the ... language 

Hannah Galbraith most likely to win the Grand Prix for words per minute 

Michelle Gaskin most likely to call something "trifling" 

Filiz Genca most likely to be found on Vanderbilt's campus 

Kim Goldstein most likely to enjoy wearing a patent leather corset 

Kel lie Guider most likely to become a women's Rogaine spokesperson due to excessive hair dye 

Elise Hagan most likely to drive 100 miles for a bagel 

Chrissy Harper most likely to lead a double life 

Katie Harrell most likely to start a piercing trend/shadiest 

Jennifer Harrison most likely to have problems with a French teacher 

Leah High most likely to have an obsession 

Cara Himmelfarb most likely to marry Dr. Echerd 

Sally Jackson most in love with herself 

Margaret Jones most likely to tell a pointless story to an Italian Stallion 

Anna Russell Kelly most likely to marry a leprechaun 

Frances Lewis most likely to share a name with a Spanish dictator 

Sutton Lipman most likely to be involved in a long distance relationship 

Alexandra Littlefair-Molin most likely to be corrupted by Kate in France 

Victoria Littlefair-Molin most likely to be wearing glitter 

Helen Martin most likely to develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from twirling her hair 
Margaret Martin most likely to perfect the art of the "courtesy laugh" 

Megumi Matsuda Most likely to be poet laureate of the senior class 

Mimi Mayo most likely to be in a James Bond movie 

Cayce McCain most over-dramatic 

Cassie McConnell most likely to be "in love" 

Amy McDuffie most likely to tire of her boyfriend after one week 

Jamie McGee most amused with herself 

Michaela McKee most likely to disagree 

Katie McKinley most likely to have her mom as a college roommate 

Lisa McWilliams biggest flirt 

Cristen Mills most likely to comment at assemblies 

Molly Moore most likely to make it big impersonating "Al Knight" 

Melissa Mosely most likely to be stoned without ever doing drugs 

Catherine MountCastle most likely to have a party and never get caught 

Corinne Mynatt most likely to sell her soul before selling her Nintendo 

Megan Newman Miller most likely to become Delilah's co-host on Easy Listening 92 9 

Susan Oliver most likely to become a professional desk drummer 

Alice Orman most critical of herself 

Ellie Porch biggest potty mouth 

Meg Porch most likely to stay out till 4 am with nothing to do 

Casey Potash most likely to tell a long, pointless story 

Elizabeth Ramsey most likely to carry a joke too far 

Paige Roady most likely to eat meat while claiming to be a vegetarian (aka tunafish is meat) 

Erin Russell most likely to wear a Gap sweater to a punk rock show 
Sarah Schwaber most likely to be daydreaming about Camp Anytown 
Amy Scruggs most likely to be seen with Andrew 

Kathleen Serck most likely to make a career selling cheap Mexican silver 
Lisa Shipp most likely to whine at a pace of 20 words per second 
Lizzie Smith most likely to have more hair on her legs than her head 

Shannon StOne most likely to listen to Outkast, Jennifer Love Hewitt and SheDaisy 

Mary Cresap Szarwark most likely to be in search of salt 
Casey Taharian most likely to be having the worst day of her life 
Lauren Toth most likely to have a conversation with a courtesy caller 
Lauren Trent most likely to laugh at herself 
Rebecca White most likely to need a new outfit for each weekend 
Meredith White most likely to pick up random guys 
Julie Wilson most likely to need her personal space 
Ashley Wright most likely to be talking about her dad 
Kazzie Zerface most likely to have a bruise 
C-block most likely to be seen on the "Price is Right" 
Senior House most likely to be mistaken for a landfill 
Helen Adelman most likely to go to Harpeth Hall 


Megumi Matsuda Corinne Mynatt Margaret Martin 

Quietest Most Likely to Make a Frosh Cry Best All Around 

Frances Lewis Leah High 

Vtost Likely to Succeed Most Artistic 

Grace Clayton 
Life of the Party 

Molly Moore 

Ann Stewart Banker 
Biggest Brown Noser 

Susan Oliver 
Most Athletic 


Kazzie Zerf ace 

I Hundred Oaks*Destin '99*Getting' jiggets w/ it*Spend 
I the nights*The Family* The Divorce*POS*The Club 

*My dad's house*TBC AMBASSADOR! *Constructionsite 
I and the dirty napkin *Winter Formal v 99*the dirty dirty 
I limo*My skank face*New Years-Josiah my Messiah* 
I Wash D.C.* Froggy Bottom*Seagrove 2000*Mar-Mar & 
I Ne-Ne*Rudolf the rednosed re-re-re-reindeer*hour of 
I power*Kate's deck*Kate & Kaz's dance-every party 
1 *grass experiment*Chante*Oh Rats!*Big Pun*Lets get it 
I on *T2 night*Pimping Nights*Woodmont BW*Spnk* 
I Riverstages*the hot homeless hitchiker*Come out ofthe 
I closet Scobey*Ghetto Booty*The Park*Theres a big boy 
I with a bowl cut...*The great grape dayM" 1 of July-sorry 
I Ash*The fern*the Christmas cat trama*Keeping Chelsea's 
I shady secrets* Bondage* To my family and friends thanks 
| for everything!! love you!! 

Ashley Wright 

Julie Wilson 

The wind blew me!!*3 rd Period BB's*Margaret stories* 

Bees and Hot Dog Juice*Mitch Karam!*Orthopedic 
I shoes*Exam Study Sessions* Pictures for Orphans 

*DMB*the vicious cycle* Belittle the ones you 
j Love*TTH*tator tots*Papa Joe*Making Disney 
j Memories*Sonic Daniel*This was Breakfast?!? 

*Making new friends at the Titans game w/EliseJ* 
I The Big Hit*Photo trips w/Frances*Shelbyville 

Airport*Jack Daniel*Anna Russell's "my 

friend"*lemonade*Funeral plans*who's 

house?!?*Tempting...but NO!*Whoa Tiger!?!*To all 
my family and friends thank you for everything- 

"It was a beautiful day"-I love you guys! 

Meredith White 

Greg*Matt*Froggy Dogg*New Years Eve*Our 
House*Merchants*Vandy Frat Hopping*Your Gorgeous*Bad 
Kitty*Improv*Tempt3tion Island*HBO*Disney*PI Mouse* 
Little Red Ball Cap*Cowboy Mouth*2BT*Coin 
Purse*Ketchup*Opry Mills*House Girls*Gray*Crazy Ed*I 
Love You*18th B-day*Big SexyThe Line*Counting 
Crows*Diet Coke*Nate*I am really going to miss you 

Becky White 

Lauren Trent 

lauren Toth 






Casey Taherian 

Mary Gresap Szarwark 

Shannon Stone 

Lizzie Smith 

Lisa Shipp 


Kathleen Serck 

Amy Scruggs 

Sarah Schwaber 

Erin Russell 

Mom and Dad - Thank you for all youi 
luidance and support. I love you with all 

grow with time. Take care of the car.* 
To my friends - Thanks for all the great 

memories. I learned more about myself 
through you. *To my teachers - Thank 
you for inspiring me. I will deeply miss 

:S '" : " .*. ^A mk 

Paige Roady 

Elizabeth Ramsey 

Casey Potash 

Meg Porch 

Ellie Porch 

Alice Orman 

Susan Oliver 


Megan Newman-Miller 

Corinne Mynatt 

Catherine Mountcastle 


Melissa Mosley 

Molly Moore 

*rv ffT^V 

Cristin Mills 

Lisa McWilliams 

Katie NlcKinley 

Michaela McKee 


Jamie McGee 

Amy McDuffie 

r m 

Gassie McConnell 

Megumi Matsuda 

Margaret Martin 

Helen Martin 

Victoria Uttlefair-Molin 

Alexandra Uttlefair-Molin 

" i 


Sutton upman 

Frances Lewis 

Anna Russell Kelly 

Margaret Jones 

Sally Jackson 

Cara Himmelf arb 

Jennifer Harrison 

Katie Harrell 


Christen Harper 

Elise Hagan 

Kellie Guider 

Kym Goldstein 

Filiz Genca 

Michelle Gaskin 

Hannah Galbraith 

Kara Fox 

Carey Floyd 



Ann Ezzell 

Betty Blake Elrod 

Elizabeth Edwards 

Grace Clayton 

The Ducks*T.V. movie stars*The Bidet* Foggy 
Bottom*Jamie's Dot Dots*Club Shed*Club Ted* 
Free Periods with Julie*Red Hot Chili Peppers*ll 
o'clock break downs*Dams Yankees*What's in 
thatbottle?*Steeple Chase*The Mafia*Bahamas* 

Thompson log*D.T.*Space with a face* 
Youngblood*Sea Grove*Bloody feet 


2rleading*Mr. Thom*Pre- 
[s Grace always like this?* 10/ 

3*#1 young life rec 
eyes*Naught Nuns* 
goes on forever, th 
Astro Night 

ruit* The Park*Whites of your 
Class of 2001*The Road 
e Party never ends* 



Gory Chockley 

Rachel Chisolm 

Julie Cato 

Chelsea Garter 

Catherine Carroll 

Evins Cameron 

Emily Burn 

Kate Blackmon 

Stephanie Beany | 

Ann Stewart Banker 

Ivana Babic 

Katy Adams 

Class of 2001 

Juniors on a Mission 

Class of 2002 

Class Officers L-R: (Back) Mary-Diane Bartoe(Treasurer), Ashley 
Shields(Secretary), Becky Brown(Spirit Leader), Lauren Hallemann (Vice- 
President), Laura Callaway( Vice-President), Heather Brim (Parliamentar- 
ian), Hannah Reed, (Front) Caroline Moses (President). 

Madonna, a.k.a. Jessica Turk, makes 
an appearance at HH on Halloween. 

ome j uniors have too much time 
on their hands. 

The Secret Service keeps an eye on 

Pride and Prejudice is the # 1 movie of 
choice ofthe JuniorClass. 

Left: Eminems. 

Below: Just spit it out, Abby! 



Right: Laura secretly wonders 
if Neel and Katie will notice her 
new chin implant. 


W?F*fiM" : 

Above: Abby spots a man on 


Below: There's just not much to 

say to that. 

Above: Caroline and Taylor have a smil- 
ing contest to see who can show more of 
their pearly whites. 

Below: This is MY gang symbol. 

The AP Bio class taking a break to pose for the camera. 


Below: Neel Webb, Meredith Right: Caroline Choate, Grace 
Ramsey, and Christine can Brock, and Sharon Rhett are 
hardly contain themselves. just doing their thing... 


b 1 >■ ** 1 


mm m igJyL"^ ML 

hA ^ : fll 



Left: Meri Long looks like 
she's seen a ghost! 

Below: Ballard is the 
ultimate HH fan!! 

Above: Leslie practices stretching her 
toungue to touch her nose. 

bove: Cornelia and Taylor show their spirit Above: Confused Hannah? 
: the HH/Ryan basketball game. 


Survey and Quotes from Us 

Favorite Movie: 

"Bounce", with the gorgeous Ben Affleck, 

won hands down, but we 

had a variety stretching from "Gladiator" to 

"Center Stage". 

Quote from Rals : 

"Remember the Titans, great cast, great story, 

it'll make you laugh, it'll make you cry." 

Favorite Place to Get a Bite: 

SATCO was picked the most favorite, 

but just about every place in town was named. 

Favorite Spring Break spot: 

The all around favorite spring break spot was 

pretty much at any beach ranging from Destin, 

to California, to the Caymans. 

Favorite Teacher: 

Who can choose? 

Adrienne T, Annie H, Megan M, Laura Becca A, 
Emily W, and Hillary T waiting to go home. 

Sara Morris and Lana Sorin, " This isn't going in the yearbook, is it?' 


Maggie waitemath 

Christine Souder 


Left: Katy Crafton, Sarah Gabbert and 
Kate Carter chat during free. 

Right: Katherine Provost, Betsy Beveridge, 
Virginia Pirkle and Katie Sears compare 
Winterim schedules. 





IHI ■k 



Right: Tippins caught by surprise ! 


Above: Chilling on Souby Lawn, 
girls smile for the camera! 

Quotes from the 
Class of 2003: 

Raleigh Anne Simpkins on her 
favorite weekend activities: 

"Make it to MBA games, 
kick it at SATCO, drive around 
with a full car load like the dorks 
that we are." 

When asked where her favorite 

place to eat was, Maggie 
-g Waltemath replied: 

"The Melting Pot.Jf only I 

could find a cute guy who could 
I actually afford to take me there." 

Huntley Rodes offers advice on 

"It's the game that can' t be 
won, but can only be played!" 

Center: Lauren Kantz hangs with a 
former Bear in her free time. 

Left: Rachel Price and Lauren 
Salerno are friends forever!! 

Look! We are next year's best 
MBA cheerleaders Mary Chislom 
tells Katie Atkins. 

"Ha! They are bad! ", exclaims Sara Burson while watching the Senior/ 
Faculty basketball games. 


Some people go to the Sara Loeppke and Jennifer 

extremes to be included in this Price duke it out after Jennifer 
years Milestones. claims Dan as her man. 

Anna Berryberry 

Ashley Cole 

Mary Chisolm 

Allison Chandler 

Ualaree Casamer 

Kale Carter 

Sara Burson 

Hays Brandon 

Elizabeth Reed Beveridge 

Mariel Bentz 

Megan Bell 

Catherine Bechner 

Graham Barton 

mm *m 

Sarah Anne Bargatze 

Katie Atkins 

Maggie Anderson 

Laura Becca Alden 

Kendra Abkowitz 


Lauren satisfies her craving for 
lunch with the benefits of a #2 pencil. 

Tori Tucker and Katie Atkins enjoy their 
last moments in the computer lab before 
they get their lap tops in May. 


^^^^ .^H 


V * 



**%s* f Jr 

Kendra Abkowitz carefully examines 
her upcoming weekend. 

laty Crafton finds safety from Mr. 
pringman who yells at her for being too 

Lindsay Mahan and Mary Liza Lentz can 
finally smile now that they have had their 
caffeine fix. 


Left: Some girls get to know each other on the freshman 


Below: Gettin' ready for a big night out. 

Left: Rachel Howell and Lauren Simpson take aknittig 


Botton: The freshman ride the turtles in P.E. class. 


Dylan Taylor-Smith 


Emily Williard and Courtney Groshong- 
Dunn take a break from their stressful 
freshman schedule to relax in the hallway. 

All Aboat the Frosh 

1. What is the roost popalar thing to do on the weekends? 

Well. ..because I am a freshman, and no one has a car. The only place we really go is 
the Movies... Fun Scape -Courtney Dunn 

2. On average how roang tiroes do goa go see the same roovie at Fanscape? 

Once or twice, if the movie is really good -Made Garrett 

3. Who is goar favorite freshroan teacher? Whg? 

Mr. Springman definently. He relates to us, and isn't afraid to be himself! He's awe- 
some - Nancy Sisk 

1 How roang HH sporting events have goa attended? How roang MBA sporting events? 

Uh oh, I have attended one or two Harpeth Hall events, and ummm... most of the MBA 
football games. I know, I know, I need to work on that school spirit a lil bit. - Caroline 

5. What is the best part aboat being a freshroan? The worst? 

The best part is that you can use the excuse that because you're new you did not know 
you had to be in class. The worst you are the smallest!! One word., upperclassmen 
- Hannah Menefee 

6. What do goa look roost forward to as a Sophroore? ianior? Senior? 

The guys in our grade will HOPEFULLY be a little more mature than they are now! 
-Grace Johnson 

1 What will goar grade be remembered as when goa gradaate? 

Hahhahahaha, probably "disrepectful" even though most of us are not. 

-Leslie Toth 


Katheryn Dennison 

Elizabeth Conrad 
Stephanie Gompton 

Elizabeth Bradbury 

Jean-Marie Bibb 

Elizabeth Atkinson 

Ashton Alexander 

HI What is your favorite TV 

"The Tom Green Show" 
- Hannah Menefee 

Elizabeth, Sally, Becca, Conrad, 
Mary Katherine, Valerie, and Liza (all Fresh- 
men) anxiously wait for their moms after a tough 
day at school 

Freshman Beauty Tips: 101 

Paige and Bridgette 
chillin' in the hall 

Hayley and Sara Darby: 
These Frosh can hack 

Leslie , Katheryn, and 
Ashton discuss world 

Eight is . 

Algebra I, IPS, Romeo and 
Juliet... all part of being an eighth 
grader. Their leadership and 
strong personalitites helped set 
the tone for students above and 
below them. These diversely 
talented girls found time to par- 
ticipate in many clubs, sports, 
plays, and other activities. An 
occaisonal trip to the bowling 
alley, TPAC, and of course, Chi- 
cago, were some of the highlights 
of the year. Perhaps what the 
class of 2005 will most be remem- 
bered for is being the innaugral 
Laptop group. 

"I swear, they are after me!!" says Cacky Tate as she leaps and bounds away from.. 


"Guys, it was this big!" 


"Hey . . . look what I found on the internet" 

Emily asks "Do you Ce what I ci?" 


Carson Whitehead 

Lauren McKinney 


(Below) 8th grade Olym- (Right) 8th Grade Snoopy 
pians supports their Cast Members practice 

teammates. hard for opening night. 


vbove) Although she tries, Helen 
amsey will never be able to live up to 

(Above) 8th graders Ana Nettles, Rachel Ashwood, 
and Emily Crowell share a laugh. 

Margaret Anne Gray 

V 11 

Mary Glare Carpenter 

Whitney-Lauren Bischoff 

Claire Berry 
Rachel Ashwood 
Elizabeth Anderson 


C& a/ lucky number 

Herbert in 
her normal 



^ Mm 

Ml" "11 


■Hi . * *yi 

|UI/^ JM 

kl» * tlftfe 


takes the 
intense disci- 
pline of 
these seri- 
ous seventh 

Left: Jennifer Simpson shows read- 
ers the proper technique of a choke 
hold on friends Lily and Meredith. 
Above: All dolled up for a night 
at...Harpeth Hall. 

Above: Jaye Yennie at the laptop Open The Box. 


M6U1: Air MCOTtlv, UW 

mmmi m mmva mt 

w All SMlUS tonne (Am«/\. 

&E10W: EMiir fltwAH ArvP 

Kendall Toarmina 


Ltn ttvtww dm nvt dimvg. 

laclyn Kireyczyk 

Elta Falls Mariani 


Little Women: 
5th & 6th Grades 

Above: This is what 5th and 6th grade is all about. 

B e 1 o w : Casey Nelson looks a little confused while 

everyone else is pretty excited about the picture. 


.eft: As Erin Brooks 
lisplays a beautiful 
irt project, what 
ire the two girls in 
he background do- 

Right: The dancing 
Indian goddess above 
the three glorious 
fifth graders and one 
Siamese twin (just 
look really 

hard)predicts fun for 
the fifth graders. 

Below: One sixth 
grader falls victim to 
the other students 
posing as doctors. 
Let's just hope she's 
okay . 

lomewoik"! • vn«* 

ndrtea^ Strap booy- 
r -tVv -follOUM'^ (.'I'l-sliiM', 

0± V >! N 

{or 7rvJ di6e 

/i (/ 



J it 



}.' '" 

Left: Olivia and Mary Beth g , sj h h 

sure know how to stick . . . . . r 

blue hair been a part of 

the uniform? 


And the winners are... 

1) Favorite TV show: 

Boy Meets World 

2) Favorite weekend activity: 

Hanging with friends and 
going to the movies 

3) Favorite stores to shop in: 

Limited Too and The Gap 

4) Favorite Tradition at HH: 

Grandmother's Tea 

5) Tradition to change: 

Press Wniforms 

Below right: Who are you and what 
have you done with our sixth grade? 

Below: " And then he was like..." 

"And she was like, OI\AG\ That was sooo 

last year!" 

"Yeah, like who likes Backstreet Boys 

it's so N'Sync now!" 


A Smiling 6th Grade Line-up 
with a set of fashion twins! 

Back row from the left : Kaz Suzuki, 
Lindsey Rollins, Holly Dunn, Olivia 
Burd,Cornelia Granbery. 
Front : Lindsay Pomeroy and 
Annbern Holliman. 

Catherine Ramsey 

Glory Beveridge 
Georgia Beasley 
liz Barons 




f Mpjimr 

-Sir M 


kF * / 


"My favorite meal in the cafeteria is chicken strips or popcorn 
chicken, rolls, and the dessertwouldhave to be cinnamon rolls!" 
says Annie Brown, sixth grade cafeteria connoisseur. 

Above : Hard at Work and quiet as a mouse! 

Rachel Cochran and Rachel Styers working diligently on an in-class 

project for Ms. Royce. 




wi'm <■ 



t n . 

/ 1 1 4« 

From waking up around 6:00 to spending hours upon hours slaving over 
the books, the 5th and 6th grade girls are not just a bunch of rowdy 
children. They are the youngest members of our stuend body. Though 
they tire of hearing "Aw, how cute", they too will one day be saying those 
familiar words. Or perhaps say, as many upper schoolers have. "I was 
never that small!" With six to seven years to go, these Haipeth Hall stars 
are the future of our HH world! 

Above : Graham Gartong, Maggie McCain, and 
Sophie Sanders outside the Middle School building 
looking ever so cooll 

Above :A night out on the town in a great ride! Cornelia 
Granbery and Olivia Burd enjoy their moment of 

Above^ : Stephanie' Kothenherg^, they next fam/JUb female- binger 
avui/ da-ncer, sfoow^hertcileYtfratth&Mother/Vau^tfei-S 

Left : Sixth graders Lillian Siman, Annbern Holliman, and Lindsay Towry 
celebrate as the second bell rings! 


The Powers That Be 

Ann Teaf 
Head of School 

The Harpeth Hall School, in these capable 
hands, is bound to succeed. Using their author- 
ity to manage and control us rascally students, 
they handle all situations with a calm, steady 
spirit. Following tradition, these women know 
how to keep Harpeth Hall strong and linked to 
its past. 


LaVoe Mulgrew 
Head of Upper School 

Marie Maxwell 
Dean of Students 

Betsy Malone 

Head of Middle School 

Molly Compton 
Student Activities 


Right: 101 Dalmations oy 
the 7th 3n4 8th grade 
faculty with their own 
version ofCruella. 

Below: While directing 
the Qst of over thirty, 
Ms. Roth rock does her 
best to maintain her 

Above: Trey and bis Rig ht :; Vno, Dos, Tres, 
women take a leisure! ly poR.E> 
cruise around campus. 

Left: Do you see what I sees' 


M l Ml f 

Timothy Wallace 

Paul-Leon Tuzeney 


- -4 

f) 0% 





Jack Henderson 

— n *\ 

nr i mm 

Above: The M^le Posse does Melrose Bowling. 


Close Right: Mrs. 
Nash moving ancj 
grooving - doing 
the molecule 

Far Right: The 
Ladies in Charge - 
Mrs. Morton and 
Horton smiling 
like always! 

Above: Here, disguised as charters from "Harry 
Potter", Middle School teachers show their creativ- 
ity and love for having fun on Halloween. 

Right: Mrs. Hammey as she is affectionately called 
by many of her dancers, can always be counted on 
for great direction and choreography. Watch where 
you step on the set of Snoopy. 


Faculty Un-Plugged 

Ms. Ross gets excited about the lovely addition of choral dresses. 

This year the faculty was 
more prevalent than ever. 
With basketball games and 
male posse outings to the 
bowling alley, these 
teachers were often found 
to be the center of 
attention, both on and off 
campus. These talented 
men and women are the 
skeleton of the school and 
without them the students 
would be ever so empty. 
Their smiling faces and ricl 
encouragement is admired 
and much appreciated. 

"Yes, all of your schools are infact sending 
notifications informing us of your denial". 

Mr. Wert stomps out all enjoyment with this deadly glance. 


0&h. im 

Dr. Echerd studies up in preparation 
to meet Regis. 

roker breaks from his vigil at the IMac to 

Mrs. Primm laughs deviously as she asigns seniors to stain glass making. 

I We asked: 

I Where does the faculty go when 
xj the school 43y end^ 

- Watch JACK HANNA'S animal house 

- Practice for taking over the world (or at least Mulgrew's job) 

- Hang out on the Cumberland plateau 

- Go to sleep 

- Stay far away from work 
-Grade PAPERS! 

- Live my second life as Don Juan 

- Read the newspaper and drink coffee 

- Get over the heckling I endure from my students 

- Roll it with my hommies? 

Martha Grace turns tricks. 



Reporters in the maiding 

Cub Chronicles , the Middle School 
newspaper, had a great year producing 
issues. All of the girls on the staff learned a 
lot about working as a team to produce 
strong work and better their skills. Emily 
Fisher, an editor on the staff says, " The Cub 
Chronicle meetings are a wonderful place for 
girls of different grades to get to know each 
other, while working on improving their 
writing. As an editor, it's so interesting to see 
the various works of different age levels." 
Most of the girls plan on remaining active in 
the school newspaper in their future years 
spent here at Harpeth Hall, and they will owe 
their beginning to the Middle School Cub 
Chronicles . 

Above: The reporters gather outside for a quick photo. 



Ellen Wheeler 

Kate Gregory 

Claire Berry 

Kendall Tourmina 

Molly Proffit 

Sponsor: Ms. Jones 

Above: The Lit Mag Chicks- a tight-knit group after working 
together all year. 


EnchantCn^ Ensemble/ 

Above: Mary Katherine says, "I think I remember seeing that 
man on America's Most Wanted." 

The dedicated girls who form 
the core of the Middle School 
Ensemble devote much of their 
time to rehearsing with their 
instruments. Aside from 
practicing on their own time, 
~ " ~" l, ™ , ™'";"™** J5 '"* r * ^g „j r ] s p rac tice during their 

Above: The girls make beautiful . , . °' . 

free penods at school. They 

had a number of performances 
this year, leaving their 
audiences enchanted every 
time. Ms. Calloway has 
coached these girls all year 
long, allowing them to develop 
their skills, and their dedication 
to practice resulted in a great 

w m 

Above: These young musicians 
look solemn thinking of the 
homework they have to do after 
the show. 

Middle School Studs 

Above: One big happy family! 

The Middle Scool Student Council 
is at the heart of all middle school 
activities. Their responsibilities 
range greatly. They can be found 
doing anything from welcoming 
new students to organizing field day. 
They took on many tasks this year, 
always with enthusiasm. The 
student counci is run by the officers. 
Two representatives are elected 
from each seventh and eighth grade 
homeroom, serving as the body. 


Lookie, Lookie, Here come the 

The seventh grade 
book club is off to 
the races with a 
great start. The 
girls can't help but 
be hooked with 
books like A 
Separate Peace 
and The Old Man 
and the Sea. They 
meet once a week 
during lunch to 
discuss the book, 
life, and horses. 

Above: The suspense is 
killing Elta Mariani. 

Above: The book club stops reading long enough to 
pose for the camera. 

Ready, Set, GO!!!! 

■•«: * 



Right: Leaders of 

Caring? Sharing? 
You betcha! The 
Middle School 
Headstart program 
gives their time to 
show others they 
care. Each month 
these 7th graders 
go spend the 
afternoon reading 
and playing to 
children in the 


The Roa<4 less traveled! 

Featuring Ms. Jones, Kate Gregory, Clair Berry and Ellen Wheeler! 

The eighth grade 
literary magazine 
had a great year. 
Working on 
developing and 
recognizing the 
creative writing 
skills of the 
M i d d 
L a u r e a 


I e 


t e 

Junior Numerators 

The numerators have * 


the Harpeth 

Hall campus, and the 


school is no * 


n. The math * 

team sp 

ends their J 


preparing for 



among o 

ther schools. 1 

Got a t 

ough problem _ 

in your 

neighborhood? # 

Who you 

gonna call? # 


busters! # 



Above: Sixth Grade math club 
Below: Seventh Grade math club 


Under the leadership of Amy 
Stallings and LaQuinta Smith, 
Lab Top technicians, and the 
bear cave girls come together in 
meetings to help solve students' 
computer problems. They are a 
nice group to turn to when the 
computer just does not want to 
cooperate. Emily Fisher, a 
member of the Bear Cave team, 
says, "With all the different 
experiences, the Bear Cave is a 
fun and exciting environment! We 
learn everything from re-imaging 
to removing the keyboard and 
the hard drive." 

The Spelunkers 

"Guys, look like I am saying 
something really funny 'cause 
the girl with the camera is here." 

"Why are we taking our picture in front of such 

an ugly 


With their leader, Madame Climer, 
the Middle School cooking club had 
a great time this year. They ended 
their meetings a bit early in the year 
but hope next year to continue 
cooking together until the end of 
school. The list of their culinary 
accomplishments is quite 
impressive, and these little chefs 
have much promise in the cooking 

"Look, girls, this is what you call a s-p-o-o-n." 


The Middle School Chorus had a successful year full of many 
performances. They sang at the Winter and Spring Choral Concerts, 
Grandmother's Tea, and Thanksgiving Assembly. The girls practiced 
and performed under the direction of Lynne Rothrock. She was 
impressed witht the girls as a group, saying, "This year they have 
been dedicated and hard-working, lots of fun to work with." Whether 
they were practicing during the day or on stage at night, these girls 
graced the school with the beautiful sound of their voices. 


Wm ^^V- ?m 


mi ~ m 

J : 

"■■ f -f 

Hie girls keep a close eye on Ms. Rothrock's direction in 
iear of her post-concert wrath. 

Elta beams after spotting her boyfriend in the audience. 

The Club officer 
Elisa McCabe (S 

ire Shirley Li (President). Lena Kravtsov ( Vice President), Courtney Thomas (Secretary), Seema Kanwar (Treasurer), Ciana Pullen (Spirit Leader), anc 

Cream of the Crop 


Ambassadors is a very- 
select group of exceptional 
Harpeth Hall girls who are 
eager to tell prospective 
HH students what they 
love about their school. As 
a member of Ambassadors 
each girl is responsible for 
attending the fall Open 
House and Alumni 
Weekend in the spring in 
order to be of service in 
addition to helping out the 
admissions office 

whenever necessary. The 
Ambassadors also lead 
tours for prospective 
students throughout the 
year. Ms. Primm organizes 
and sponsors the 

Amy Warner shows what being 
an Ambassador is all about! 

Almost all of the Ambassadors show their 
big ol' HH smiles! 

Artsy Fartsy 

Art Club 

Ellen Fuson and Chauncey Short 
are here to represent! 


The Art Club is lucky 
to have Ellen Fuson as 
President, Ghauncy 
Short as Uice 
President, and Hilary 
Thomas as Secretary- 
members of the Art 
Club enjoy field trips 
to art exhibits at 
Cheekwood as well as 
other sites. The Art 
Club is sponsored by 
Ms. Blackburn. 

Future Librarians... 

The Book Club 

The members of the Book Club ponder 
their latest selection... 

The 2000-01 Book Club consists 
of Ciana Pullen, Anna 
Guengerich, Elisa McCabe, 
Seema Kanwar, Lena 

Larson, Courtney Thomas, 
Rachael McCord, Christine 
Ekrem, Erin Williamson, and 
Shirley Li. The Club officers are 
Shirley Li (President), Lena 
Kravtsov (Vice President), 
Courtney Thomas (Secretary), 
Seema Kanwar (Treasurer), 
Ciana Pullen (Spirit Leader), and 
Elisa McCabe (Secretary of War). 
The girls meet once a week and 
read all that their mind will 
possibly hold (and that's a lot!) 
Some of the selections which 
they have read are Bound Feet 
& Western Dress : A Memoir by 
Pang-Mei Natasha Chang and 
Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo 
Anaya. The Book Club is 
sponsored by Ms. Girgus. 

Shirley Li and Ms. Girgus share 
love of books. 

The officers do their best to keep 
the Book Club at its highest 
standards. .no trashy romance 

Environmental Club 

"be Environmental Club, formerly 
.nown as Recycling Club was 
evived this year by a group of 
tudents who are eager to recycle 
be massive amounts of paper and 
ans used every day at school. 
Headed up by Anne Sanders and 
M John Hopple, the 

Environmental Club added new 
ecycling bins all over campus and 
lelped to raise awareness about 
he program. The members ofthe 
lub include Abigail Markbam, 
eslie King,5arab Britt, Megumi 
4atsuda, Victoria Dora m us, Kate 
.ainhart, Stephanie Tidwell, Alice 
r ort, Ellen Fort, Lauren Coleman, 
Haley Crumbo, Cornelia Rowe, 
:mmie Granbery, Jenny Paris, 
Cara Frisch, Elizabeth Stout, Kimia 
r erdowsi, Maria Molteni, and 
Heather Brim. 

4 m 


Elizabeth Stout does her part! 

but it 

Environmental Club girls are ready 
just doesn't seem right without Pr. 

to help 


Keepin' it out of 'da gutta 

"Bowling Rocks!" were the 
sole words that came out of senior 
Frances Lewis's mouth when asked 
about the H.H. Bowling team this 
year. This stellar group of girls spent 
countless hours this winter at 
Melrose Lanes, polishing their form 
and showing competitors that 
"bowlers in plaid" are something not 
to be laughed at. With sponsors Mrs. 
Girgus and Ms. Roark and seniors 
Dacia Beard, Stephanie Beatty, Kate 
Blackmon, Chelsea Carter, Margaret 
Jones, and Frances Lewis leading the 
way, the bowling team took first in 
district for the first time ever. Even 
MBA chose to forfeit a game to H.H. 
due to their fear of defeat to these 
lean, mean bowling machines. 
Captain Dacia Beard had this to say 
about this group of bowlers, 
"Compared to last year, our team's 
commitment and dedication has 
greatly improved". 

Above: "Are you 
doubting my ability?" 

Frances, Margaret, Chelsea, and 

Dacia (Pres.) lead the team as the 

faithful seniors. 

Bye Bye Birdie 

Did you find yourself bored 
every Tuesday afternoon? Well 
you wouldn't if you had been in 
the Badmiton Club. This winter, 
every Tuesday after school the 
Badmiton club, led by President 
Jenny Paris, practiced their 

Above: Erin and Jenny put on , . , , 

+u . u . , „ o +u highly competitive badmiton 

their intense game faces as they .Z~ J ' v,, , . , ,. , 

play in the Student/Faculty 

Above: First Row (From left to right): S. Li, L. Kravstov, 
J.Paris, E. Williamson. Second Row: I. Babic, T. Nails, 
A.J. Lloyd, E. McCabe, C. Thomas, Mrs. Croker 

Badmiton Competition. 

Above: Tony the Tiger says his 
team's grrrrreat!, but.. .they lost. 

skills. One of the highlights of 
the season was the always 
anticipated Student Faculty 
Tournament. There, a level of 
high competition was shown as 
Croker and Goodwin put on 
thier shortest shorts and 
snazziest sneakers. It was truly 
a sight to see. Thanks to the 
badmiton club, students could 
play and learn more about that 
clever sport all the time. 


Check Mate Baby One More Time 

ibove: From L to R: Jenny Paris-Cossu, Ivana Babic, Mr. 
"roker, Thea Nails, Lena Kravtsovk, Elisa McCabe, and 
unanda Jane Lloyd. Not Pictured: Courtney Thomas and Erin 

Above: Erin ponders her next 

move, as Ivana wonders if she 

could ever win the million on 


A game, a group, and a man 
named Joe who enjoys wearing 
leopard. This description can be 
of no other but the amazing 
chess club and their sponsor Mr. 
Croker. During the year, this 
group of eight enthusiastic girls 
met every Friday after school to 
learn new strategies, eat some 
snacks, and have a lot of fun. 
They were even able to go to a 
tournament in Bellevue where 
they took third place. President 
Lena Kravtsovk, current MVP of 
the team, remarks, "The chess 
club is open to anyone who 
enjoys playing the game, or just 
wants to learn more about it." 
Jenny Paris sumed up the 
benefits of playing chess saying, 
"Now we know battle plans". 

All You Need is Love 

A group loyal to its 
purpose, the Beyond Hate 
Club made this year's goal 
to show everyone that 
hating is not an option. 
President Sarah Schwaber 
and vice pres. Dacia Beard 
helped spread this message 
throughout the school by 
organizing affective 
assemblies, having movie 
nights, and displaying 
informative posters and 
flyers. They even managed 
to make time to sell some 
studly t-shirts. When asked 
about the club, Maria 
Molteni commented, "By 
being in Beyond Hate, one 
can acheive a personal 
staisfaction as well as 
encourage others to accept 
and respect each other." 

Above: Beyond Hate 
goes universal. 

Above: Maria shows us 

the true meaning of 


Above: (From L to R): S. Schwaber (Pres.), M. 
Molteni,(V. Pres.), M. McKee (Treasurer), H. 
Martin (Secretary) 


All the Cum Laude members, new and old, flock to 
Mr. Goodwin, refusing to allow him to enjoy the 
wonderful refreshments, before posing in a picture. 

The Honor Council members: Dacia Beard, Rachel Chisolm, Margaret 
Martin, Laura Calloway, Lauren Campbell, Laruen Hills, Anna Smith, Berry 
Kennedy, Betsey Beveridge, Hannah Galbraith, Susan Oliver, and Christine 
Bass. On suspension and not able to attend the picture: Rachel Price, 

Pauline Lewis and Abigail Ray. 

As one of four inductees for Quill and Scroll (not pictrued are 
Stephanie Beatty, Alice Orman, and Mary Cres Szarwark), 
Rachel Chisolm is a member of Mu Alpha Theta, vice-president 
of Cum Laude, and enjoys long walks on the beach at midnight. 

Honor: It's what no man can 


Just ask Dr. Echerd a question about honor, and you'll 
immediatley hear a strong Scottish accent quoting the movie Rob Roy: 
"Honor is what no man can give ye, nor no man take away." At 
Harpeth Hall the honor code makes the school stand out in the 
community as one where lockers remain unlocked, book bags are left in 
the hallways, and students respect each other. Each year the honor 
council, led by Margaret Martin, faces cases dealing with honor 
violations, such as plagairism or cheating, but they are rarely busy. 

Honor is also apparent when Harpeth Hall seeks to recognize 
students who have done well in academics. Cum Laude recognizes 
those students within the top 20% of their class in GPA. Mu Alpha 
Theta is the math honor society, for those students who have obtained 
an A average in all of their math classes for their high school career. 
Quill and Scroll recognizes those students who are an editor or high 
achiever for one of the school's publications and also are in the top 
third of their class. 

bove: Hannah Galbraith is punished by 
e honor council for attempting to steal 
argaret Martin's brownie at lunch, 
jft: Shirley Li, Seema Kenwar, and Anna 
uengerich are inducted into the Cum 
mde society and are also new members 
Mu Alpha Theta, the most prestigius 
mor society on campus, 
ight: While sad, but true, the members of 
um Laude are starverd before the 
remony in order to induce a more 
ilpable aura of humilty. Afterwards, 
isan Oliver and Lisa Mc Williams eagerly 
;vour the strawberries provided at the 

give ye, nor no man take away. 


What do Julie Cato, Rachel Chisolm, and 
Margaret Martin have in common? No, this is not 
a three-way tie for the record holder with the most 
demerits accumulated in one year. These three 
intelligent girls qualified as National Merit semi- 
finalist. Based on their preformances on the 1999 
PSAT, Julie, Rachel, and Margaret were selected 
from more than one million test- takers. Harpeth 
Hall also has five commended scholars: Ann 
Stewart Banker, Frances Lewis, Katie McKinley, 
Elizabeth Ramsey, and Sarah Fleming. 
Congratulations to these eight girls and their 
outstanding achievements! 

Don't look too happy, girls! I mean, it's only National Merit. 

The Numerators 

The match club plays with shapes at Frances' tyrannical 

"Then, Hope told Bo that she 
had been seeing another man 
while living in Russia..." 

Led by senior president 
Frances Lewis, the math club 
brought math pride to a new 
level this year. It seemed as if 
the club's spirit permeated 
throughout the math wing and 
even the whole school. With a 
record number of members 
attending meetings, the club 
was able to achieve much. The; 
represented Harpeth Hall at 
math competitions, always 
making their team proud. And 
who could forget the ever- 
popular math club t-shirts? 
Their slogan on the shirt sums 
up their sense of pride: 
"Numerators: we're always on 


They Blinded Us With SCIENCE 

The members of the science club all have 
one thing in common: a passion for science, 
whether it be biology, chemistry, physics or 
even all three. This year the science club 
has strived greatly to make everyone 
realize the importance of science in their 
lives. Their activities have ranged from 
monthly meetings to adventurous field 
trips. No matter what they are doing, 
Harpeth Hall can be sure the science club is 
helping improve our earth while learning 
more about it simultaneously. 

he Science Club models the latest twenty-first century fashion. 

Doing It On Stage 

very production Harpeth Hall 
ats on seems to be a 
aaranteed success. This would 
Dt be true without the strong 
tree of the Play makers behind 
em, working in the 
ickground to make sure 
/erything goes perfectly. Every 
aturday during the production 
fa play, dedicated members of 
te club drag themselves to 
:hool and paint, lift, saw and 
ean until they have the stage 
it They are also responsible 
>r the publicity and the selling 
f tickets and refreshments. 
tage Door and Damn Yankees 
-e among the plays that have 
sen preformed this year. 

The Thesbians dressed and ready 
for a night on the town. 

The Klockettes 

Calvin Coolidgettes 

While the answer to the 
question isn't always Calvin 

Coolidge, the Quiz Bowl 
team at Harpeth Hall always 
guesses it just in case one day 

it is. Despite this, the quiz 
bowl team does exceptionally 

well, competeing against 

other teams across the state 

in a jeopardy-esque challenge. 

They buzz in to answer 

questions with lightening 

quick reflexes and take show 

off their impressive ability to 

retain random bits of 


Above: Future Jeopardy 
Contestants Seema and 

Above: Shirley Li, Anna Guengerich, Courtney Thomas, Pauline 
Lewis, Laura Lee, Alexandra Littlefair-Molin, Rachel Price, 
Seema Kanwar, Lena Krastov, Victoria Little-fair Molin, Ivana 

Who let the Bears out? 

Above: Audrey Ball, Leah High, Cornelia Rowe, Caroline Landry, 
Taylor Middleton, Ann Ezell, Hannah Galbraith, Julie Cato, Jamie 
McGee, Lisa McWilliams, and Grace Clayton show some spirit and 

Above: The 
enthusiasm is just 

The Cookie Monster 
says that the Bears are... 
the great big cookie at 
the top of the jar... EAT 
New sounds filled the 
gyms, the courts, and 
the fields this year, 
thanks to the creative 
insight of the Pep Club 
president, Grace 
Clayton. The Harpeth 
Hall Honey Bear 
cheerleading squad had 
another great year 
supporting athletes in all 
areas and yet there is 
still no answer. Who 
did let the bears out? 


Community Service 

^bove: Alice Orman, Mellissa Mosely, Ms. Bailey, Kate 
.ainhart, Hannah Reed, and Susan Oliver are the sergeants of 

Above: Anna Schwaber in 
an intense battle of the 

The Key Club operated 
under a new name this year 
but didn't stray from its 
purpose. Probabalythe 
biggest organization on 
campus, the Community 
Service Club maintained a 
goal of helping others in the 
city. Whether cleaning up 
neighborhoods, talking with 
children or teaching the 
blind, these girls worked 
hard toinstill the practice of 
good will in Harpeth Hall. 
The school as well as alums 
contributed over 50,000 
hours this year. Way to go ! 


They may not have 

tikki torches and 

have only eaten 

grubs out of choice. 

The Out door 
program plans year 
round trips into the 

depths of the 
wilderness to see 

who has the 
strength to survive. 
Trips this year have 

included white 

water rafting, rock 

climbing, caving, 

and back-packing 

to name a few. No, 

they're not going to 

give up; they're 


Above: Don't look down! ! ! 

Above:Kate Lainhart and Mary Diane Bartoe dilligently work 
to keep the out door clubbers safe and interested. 


The studs 

il/ver wonder who that crazy girl with the magenta hair leading assemblies was? She was probably Leah High, the president of 

this year's amazing student council. Composed of three freshmen, three sophomores, four juniors, and four seniors, this group 
serves as a direct link between the students and the heads of school. One of the things the student council is most known for is 
organizing the many dances including the Halloween Dance, Winter Formal, and the oh so exciting Valentine's Dance. The duties 
of this group actually do go beyond planning and throwing those big shebangs. This year, these studs spent countless hours 
organizing the end of the year elections and relaying dozens of questions and ideas from the students to the faculty. They are also 
in charge of the brightly decorated "Suggestion Box". Fearless leaders Leah High and vice president Meg Ragland have made 
sure that students at H.H. can feel free to voice their opinion and 

have the satisfaction that _ _ __ _ .__. ■ inm.ui hi others are listening. 

Right: Tori and Lauren tell Becca of 
the joy that comes after putting a 
suggestion in the good 'ol box. 


The 'Stoners 

Stressed, annoyed, and possibly a little insane. Who are these people? No one but the incredibly dedicated milestones staff. 

Under the dictatorship of senior editor Lisa Shipp, assistant editor Becca Durnin, and sponsor Martha Grace, these girls work 
ike an army all year to produce H.H.'s amazing yearbook. But of course the work isn't as all glamorous as it appears to be. By 
;he end of the year, the milestones staff has clearly realized the ruthlessness of computers, the deadly words "sell ads", and what 
i deadline really means. When asked for a quote about the incredible milestoners, Martha Grace replied "They're great, except 
for all those freakin' procrastinators." It's obvious Ms. Grace must have had a fever when she answered, for the staffers on 
nilestones don't even know the word procrastination. In fact, most pages were turned in at least one month before their 
leadline. Next time someone looks at your H . H . yearbook, and says, 

'Wow, what a great representation of your 

school", you can thank ^X^B ^^^V^ the awesome 

nilestones ^y^ — ,_______. ^w editors. 

Editors(L to R) B. Durnin, L. Trent, K. Adams, A.S. 
Banker, F. Lewis, L. Shipp, K. Adams, D. Kobylski 
Below- The dedicated staffers: (L to R) Back Row: 
E.Riley, GBrock, B.Wright, Martha Grace. Middle 
Row: E.Fuson, C.Peterman, M.Bell, S.Gambill, 
A.Sanders, S. Jackson, J.Patterson. Bottom Row: 
M.Waltemath, L.Shipp, H.Galbraith. Not Pictured: 

\bove: Mostly Likely to 
succeed- Frances Lewis? 

Above: Scottie eagerly shows 
Christine how hot her school 
picture was last year. 


Above: Hats off to French Club officers 

From left to right: Melissa Pinsly, Tori Wilkinson. 

and President, Rachel Chisolm. 

*/.J;. ! 

Above: The JCL officers. Wait. Raleigh Ann even in Latin?? 
Right: Olay Spanish chicas! 

Above: Lindsay, Sarah, and the pinata, the only Spanish Club 
officers who showed up for the picture. 
Right: Oh how food brings people together. 



The Spanish Club, under the leadership of President Casey Potash, explores the meaning of 

the Spanish culture especially their food. Spanish clubbers participated in the annual food 

fest in the fall, as well as sponsoring many dinner outings to various Spanish restaurants. They 
also watched several movies relating to the Spanish culture at different members' houses. In 
addition, they also have strong hearts. They raised money from a Duds Day to buy Spanish/ 
English dictionaries for Spanish-speaking women at the Woodbine Community Center. They 
also made stockings with candy for the children there. 

The French club this year was led by Rachel Chisolm, president, and Mellisa Pinsly, vice 
president. The French club also participated in the Food Fest in the fall. The French club 
sponsored a Duds Day, raising school supplies for underprivileged children. Another highlight 
of this school year was the guest speaker, Amelie de Gaulle, an interior designer. She moved 
to Nashville in 1 989, and has two children. Amelie worked with Bella Linea and also on the 
Junior League Show House. Now, she works on her own as an interior designer. 

What could be better than a group of Roman-wanna be's donning their homemade togas? This 
is such a scene viewed on the evening of initiation at Raleigh Anne's house. With Satco and 
tradition, the new JCL members were initiated into the club by lighting candles and repeating an 
oath. The Junior Classical League (the pride and joy of Mrs. Ward and Mrs. Hagan) joined in 
the Food Fest activities and also puts on its own Roman Banquet. Also, the Latin classes 
raised money to buy gifts for the Angel Tree during Christmas time. 

Left: Raleigh Anne Simpkins gets 
down on stagewith Casey Taherian 
while Juppiter(Lauren Toth) says a 
few words. 

Below Left: Mrs. Huessman's well- 
known husband, Perry, makes the 

Below: Who knew Julie Cato had 
so much BALLoons? 

French, Spanish, and Latin Clubs 

Youth In Government 

Youth in Government is a club at Harpeth Hall designed to engage 
students interested in debate and government. Led by president 
Stephanie Beatty, vice-president Rachel Chisolm, and sponsors 
Dr. Myers, Mr. Springman, and Mrs. Ward, the club prepared 
themselves for the two annual conferences in which they 
participate each year. The first of these was Youth Legislature, a 
mock state government weekend conference held downtown at 
the capitol. Students occupy positions as senators, 
representatives, press, lawyers, judges, and lobbiests. Also, YIG 
members attend Model United Nations, a mock running of the 
UN at which students represent countries (or are on press), write 
proposals to solve world problems, and then debate (and of 
course have fun staying at a hotel, eating out, dancing, going out 
downtown). YIG works to keep the school up to date on political 
news around the world, the United States, and Tennessee. Youth 
in Government is a wonderful opportunity for Harpeth Hall 
students to explore their interests in debate, research, and 

Above: Stephanie and Dacia enjoy 
themselves before Model UN. 

Mock Trial 

Above: The Mock Trial Green Team poses with their City 
Champion Plaque. 

Once again, our Mockies dominated the 
courtroom in the Mock Trial City 
Championship for the fourth time in the last 5 
years. Not only did they win the entire 
competition, but successfully managed to beat 
MBA not once, but twice in the same day. 
Led by President Frances Lewis and attorneys 
Amy Everhart, Louise Fontecchio, Edie 
Stump, Josh Perry, and Sal Hernandez, the 
Mock Trial team had an amazing year. This 
was the first year that the club had two teams, 
one of which was made entirely of Mock Trial 
"Rookies." Frances Lewis was named team 
MVP, and Katie McKinley and Frances 
received the advocacy award. The members 
spent countless hours at the courtroom 
practicing, but and the hard work paid off 
when they were named 200 1 City Champions. 




>ove: Anne Sanders, Raleigh Simpkins, Cornelia Rowe, and 
;toria Doramus venture to San Fransisco for the JDA 
tional Convention. 

Harpeth Hall Has 

i Strong ^ 

MM Minis MlL'h ' '.I In. 

SACS Commirtcc 



.:;, ' •,'■■■:;■.:■ 






::; ".',; 

l mm 

^■*^!! h f 

^ttttt. ■/.:',.: \ 


.., ;.. 

'::•■:;,.:,,;;., ggK= 

■,;';;;■;;' S ^^£5 

Top Row: S. Beatty, R. Chisolm, S. Kanwar, J. Paris, S. Li, V. Doramus, C. Rowe, S. Jackson, Bottom Row: Ms. Croker, 
L. Ezell, R. Simpkins, L. Lea, S. Morris, A. Smith. 


If You're Going to 
San Francisco..." 

April 5-8 

San Francisco, CA 

Journalism Convention 

Give My Regards 
to Broadway" 

Choral Trip to Carnegie Hall 
New York City Spring 2001 


Cornelia Rowe 
Katie Kennedy 
Maria Molteni 

Sara Darby 
Keats Johnson 

Lana Ismail 

Rachael McCord 

Charlotte King 

Jennifer Allen 

Abigail Ray 
Katherine Holt 

Valerie Trent 
Melinda Higgins 
Barry Kennedy 
Coe Peterman 

Tara Herbert 

Helen Martin 
Christine Taherian 
Joceyln Lostetter 

£ a\opci>iv * 



ft. # .# j 

r 1 #J&# a 


! #1 i F 

, » *';** y 

V *w^ Mm* wm' 

* 'fit ~ 

Bi at' 

Coe Peterman 
Jessica Hartness 

Tara Herbert 

Joceyln Lostetter 

Barry Kennedy 

Lauren Powell 
Meg Wright 

Emily Williard 
Melinda Higgins 
Caroline Ramsey 

Claire Harbion 
Lindsay Mayhan 

Lauren Dagley 

Hilary Prim 
Amanda Powell 
Elizabeth Warner 
Rachael McCord 

Seema Kanwar 
Cory Chockley 

Cristen Mills 

Anna Guengrich 

Ciana Pullen 

Valerie Trent 

Hilary Pirn 

Lauren Powell 

Elizabeth warner 

Lana Ismail 

Sara Britt 

Cornelia Rowe 

Charlotte King 

Jennifer Allen 

Keats Johnson 

Maria Molteni 

Katie Kennedy 

Abigail Ray 

Rachael McCord 

Cristen Mills 

Cory Chockley 

Helen Martin 

my Baron, Christine Taherian, Katherine Holt, Jocelyn Lostetter, Melinda Higgins, Caroline Ramsey, 
manda Powell, Meg Wright, Emily williard, Katie Sears, Jessica Hartness, Lindsay Mayhan, Tara Herbert, 


* ^ 

■■' i 


; 4^ 

: r | 


141 ; 

aniViG ■■ss&*rrmf~w^z 


r- V Ji 


* % * ■■■ * * 

The Team that Jack 

MS Cross Country 

If there was ever a year for the Harpeth Hall middle 
school cross country team to win the H VAC championship, this was 
it. This incredible team coached by Dr. Jack Henderson and 
Kristen Jones only lost one meet the entire season; that lost partly 
due to the fact the seventh graders weren ' t there. At the H VAC 
championship at Percy Warner Park, HH had six of the top fifteen 
finishers, including seventh grader Mary Katherine 
Bartholowmew and eighth grader Morgan Stengel in first and 
second place, proceeding to break their own record as the fastest 
one-two punch in HVAC history. In addition, Mary Katherine 
broke the school 's record, previously held by Mandy Larence, by 
five seconds. The girls' hard work paid off when they won the 
championship for a second year in a row, a feat newer done by a 
team in the HVAC. In addition to the hard work, the girls managed 
to have a fun time running. Eighth grader Sarah Rowe remarked, 
"Dr. Jack made tough stuff fun." Every girl on the team managed 
to improve their time during the season, contributing to the record 
breaking season of this "long green line". 

Front Row (L to R): M. Tipton, E. 
Grote, G. Herbert, A. Phipps, M. 
Walker, C. Crouch, R. McLaughlin. 
Second Row: A. Dixon, S. Rowe, 
M.K.. Bartholomew, L.Nicols,L. 
Riegle, M. McCord, C. Norwood, S. 
Sanders,M. Robinson, M. 
Nichols, K. Bowers, T. Patterson, 
K. Gregory. Third Row: B. Stewart, 
K. Caldwell, Coach Jones, L. Boyd, 
K. Suzuki, Dr. Henderson, A. 
Nelson, H. Dunn, A.C. Pirkle, J. 
Howell, A. Granbery, K. Gallagher, 
A. Gernert, L. Edwards, R. 
Ashwood, M.C. Carpenter, C. 
Creagh. Not pictured: O. Burd, 

Right: All I wanna do is 

eat my popsickle before 

it melts! 


Left: Mary Katherine 
shows what a 
Bartholomew's made of. 

Above: Morgan shows 

her studliness as she 

swiftly crosses the 

finish line. 

Left: The girls on H.H.'s 
team carefully contem- 
plate if Dawson and 
Joey will ever get back 
Below: Tori wisely 
bundles up for the cold. 

'It was really fun and we 

worked hard." 

-Allie Phipps 

"Our team was really 

deep this year, which 

helped in winning the 


-Morgan Stengel 

* mM* t i&> - 

Above: Eighth grader 

Margaret Tipton's new 

tecnique of "running 

blind" proves to be quite 




B-team Front: H. McWhirter, M. 
McCain, A. Brown. Middle: D. 
Whitson, C. Maxwell, T. Claycome, C. 
Kestner, B. Ward. Back: Coach 
Myrick, L. Darwin, E. Jackson, M. 
Wood, S. Moore. 

New to the middle school for the 
2000 season was the creation of a 
separate B team. This allowed the A 
team to narrow its focus and the 
younger players of the B team to get 
more playing time. Little did Coach 
Myrick know what he was getting in to 
as he moved from high schoolers to 7th 
and 8th graders. 

When asked thier funniest 
volleyball moment, more than one 8th 
grader replied "When we played DCA 
and Ms. Grace totally lost it. 'Words 
cannot express how mad I am right 
now, NO, NO, Proper words cannot 
express how mad 1 am right now.'" 

^ ■#.:■■ i 


\ : 

In summing up the season 8th 
grader Cacky Tate said it best "Even 
though I wish we could have won more 
games, we ALL improved individually 
and as a whole. At our last game we 
came together as a whole and even 
though the score didn't show it, we 

Left.-Ouch! Knee pads, Knee pads would be good hi 



A team Top: A. Mulgrew, A. 
Milam, M. Bryant. Middle: M. 
McCord, H. Rankin, A. Cole, 
M. Martin. Base: E. Wheeler, 
T. Parrish, Coach Grace, A. 
Nettles, M. Dodson. Base: C. 

ielow: Annie proves once and for all that she 
n be a front row blocker. 


Feats in Cleats 

fikght= Tnp Left tn Right Coach Jeffords. 
□. Clippard, Pi. Gale, fTl. Stengel. fTl. 
fTlcCord. □. Churne^ h. Gallager. ft. 
Nettles, and Coach RodLj middle Left to 
Right: T. Pamsh, □. Reid, B. Stewart, h. 
Caldwell, E. STIarkani. fTl. Batholornew. H. 
fTlcUJherter, E. Grote, L. Cochran, and J. 
YenniE; Front Left to Right T. □lai^cnmb. 
L. Riegle, fTl. fTlcCain, C. fTlcfJonald. h. 
Suzuki, and C. fTlaxmell. 

This amazing team of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders 
showed enthusiasm throughout a successful year. "Our soc- 
cer season was awesome!" Catie Reid says. The soccer team 
felt the team and individuals improved. "We.. .got eliminated in 
quaterf inals of the HVAC tournament in a very closely 
matched division-it could have gone either way," Morgan 
Stengel comments about the season. She continues, "It was 
really fun while it lasted and I really miss the team, the 
closeness." The team was made up of A and B teams; the A 
team lead by Coach Jeffords and Coach Rody. Mary Scott 
Wall and Tom lead the B team. Hays McWhirter commented, 
"All of the teams that we played were so evenly matched 
that it made the competition harder." The Soccer Team fin- 
ished the season 2-5-3. 











A Team Record 

HH vs. BGA 
HH vs. BMS 
HH vs. FMS 
HH vs. GMS 
HH vs. FRA 
HH vs. BA 
HH vs. Ens. 
HH vs. WMS 
HH vs. PMS 
HH vs. USN 

1-0 L 
1-1 T 
1-1 T 
2-0 L 
2-0 W 
0-0 T 
3-0 W 
1-0 W 
1-0 W 
1-0 L 

Pibove: Candace always ends up nn the 
bottom of the dogpile^ 

Left: Tnp Left to Right ffl. GhaUravarthLj, 
L. mchinneij. h. Bowers, ffl. Nichols, ffl. 
Robinson. S. Sanders, G. Landstreet, and ffl. 
LUilknSi [Diddle LEft to Bight: Z. Stein, B. 
Hill, □. Burd, T. Patterson, A. Geernert, G 
Herbert. 1 Peterson, J. Gordon, K. Steele, 
A. fflcGathreni Bottom Left to Right: E. 
LUHeeler, ffl. fflartln. E. Yartz, □. Plana. □. 
Kestner. Pi.C. PlrWe. L. fflarcus. A. Dixon. 

Below fflellssa mcCord, morgan Stengel, 
□anielee GhurneLj, and Gatle Beld are readLj 
to wlnl 

Left Soccer game? I just want to be i 
the ijearbooW 


Middle School Basketball 

The Middle School Basketball teams, lead by Coach 
Grace and Coach Simmons, both had an exciting 
year. The "A" team ended the season with a record of 
12-10 and finished second in the HVAC tournament. 
Another title that could be added to this teams name 
is first place winners in the Bellevue Holiday Tourna- 
ment. The "B" team also had a great year and came 
out on top in 12 of their 14 games. Way to go girls!! 

Above: A very rare serious moment. 

Laura Nichols never stops! 
Here, fighting for the ball 
and showing her stuff. 

Above: Coach Grace gives one of 
her many motivational pep talks. 

Above: Erica Yartz 
and Denton Witson 
happily taking 
directions from 
Coach Simmons. 

2000-2001 Roster 

Mary Ross Bryant 
Augusta Cole 
Emily Crowell 
Margaret Dodson 
Anna Gernert 
Anne Granbery 
Maddie Martin 
Melissa McCord 
Lauren McKinney 
Ana Nettles 
Christine Piana 
Morgan Stengel 
Erika Yartz 
Ginny Brown 
Kindall Caldwell 
True Claycome 
Alex Hoblizelle 
Elizabeth Jackson 
Carsen Maxwell 
Laura Nichols 
Taylor Parrish 
Jill ian Peterson 
Bracey Stewart 
Jillian Peterson 
Denton Whitson 

Emily Stewart 


Mini Champs 

5/6 Basketball 

With only 2 returning players many did not 
expect a spectacular season from the youngest group 
of basketball players at Harpeth Hall. At the start of the 
season losses seemed to be the norm. As it is often 
said, "It ain't over til the fat lady sings." The little bears 
turned out to be the fat lady and sang to an undefeated 
Brentwood Academy team and handed the Eagles their 
first loss of the season. The bears won 4 straight games 
to capture the St. Paul Tournament Championship. 

Above: Back Row. L. to R.: L Riegle, J. 
Howell, H. Dunn, Coach Davis, C. 
Granbery, O. Burd, G. Hartong. Front Row, 
L to R.: G. Beasley, M. Nichols, B. Stadler, 
S. Maxwell, G. Beveridge, R. McKenzie. 

Right: 5th grader Schafer Maxwell lays 
one in the basket during warm ups. 

Far Right Top and Bottom: Quick passes 
are the key to beating the d 

Far Right Middle: A quick talk, well, I do n't 
think his speeches can be classified as 
quick, from Coach Davis. 

Swing Time 

MS Golf 

In just its second year of existance the 
middle school golf team again hit at high standards. 
Under the guidance of Coach Marees Choppin, 
these three girls, Candace Clippard, Emily Stewart, 
and Kendall Toarmina, practiced daily at the green. 
A new sport to the HVAC, the middle school bears 
continue to make thier mark. 

Top Left: If I twist just 
so, I can will the ball in 

Far Left: Eighth grade 
leader Candace Clippard 
drives one from the tee. 

Left: Emily lines up the 
club, tucks the chin, and 
concentrates as she 
prepares to wack the 

f^eadu to pvun 

Middle School ~Yrac\c 

An appropriate title, the Middle School track team 
was, indeed, "ready to run". Ironically, the team would belt out 
this Dixie Chicks song to gear up for victory. They must have 
been on to something with this ritual! At the HV AC "AA" 
Track meet the girls came away with the 1 st place trophy. "The 
Bears accept no defeat; as they rise to their feet; To win this 
Championship meet," freestyled Coach Dale. Coaches Tiffany 
Dale and Marti Jeffords were "beaming with pride" in reaction 
to the teams victory. The girls were hardworking and dedicated 
to success, which provided them the reward of a victorious 

^m ''£J/jr\'\ 




1 i . M 4 '"ijkl w-jr 

This year's Harpeth Hall 
Middle School Track Team 
runnersare Mary Katherine 
Bartholomew, Lindsay Boyd, 
Annie Brooks, Kendall 
Caldwell, Mary Clair Carpen- 
ter, True Claycombe, CeCi 
Creagh, Caroline Crouch, Anne 
Granberry, Elizabeth Grote, 
Grace Herbert, Callie Kestner, 
Aly McCathren, Maddin 
McCord, Laura Nichols, Taylor 
Parrish, Tori Patterson, Jillian 
Peterson, Allie Phipps, Anne 
Clark Pirkle, Helen Rankin, 
Catie Reid, Sarah Rowe, Estee 
Simpkins, Taylor Sitzler, Kate 
Steele, Morgan Stengel, Bracie 
Stewart, Cacky Tate, and 
Melissa Woods. 

Above: Katie Reed is deter- 
mined to win with her relay 

Left: The honey bears 
hybernate before their big 



•* ..'..,*■.. fwniMniJii _ „.*£., ■■■ y in m^ 


Above: Morgan Stengel 
reaches new hights in the high 


Left: Taylor Parrish concen- Above: Tori Patterson flies 
trates hard and uses her like an eagle, 

strength to succeed in the 

A League of Their Own 

MS Softball 

Under the direction of new head coach Brad Ungrait, the 
Middle School softball team equaled their record of the 
past season. With 7 returning 8th graders this group sur- 
vived through the third day of the HVAC tournament. Day 1 - 
2 innings, day 2 - rain, day 3 - they finially got to finish the 
game. No matter what thier record, the bears played hard 
every game and practice and surprised many of their oppo- 
nents with the skill and speed. 

Bottom of Page: Second 
basewoman MaryRoss Brayant 
steps up to the plate as the Bears 
face rival Ensworth. 

Below: Coach Ungrait takes a 
moment to analyze the next inning 

AH Berryman 

MaryRoss Bryant 

Julia Cammack 

Lindsey Cochran 

Emily Crowe 1 1 

Amy Dixon 

Katie Gallahger 

Anna Gernert 

Madeline Martin 

Melissa McCord 

Anna Poss 

Jennifer Simpson 

Emily Stewart 

Erica Yartz 


Left: Erica contemplates whether or not to 
go for the coach's ear, as DCA did late in 
the season. 

Below: Anna, not quite in the ready posi- 

Above: Madeline throws a strike, 
Emily prepares to stop the runner to 





Above: The 2000 Cross Country Team.: 

standing: Coach Dale, Chrissy Harper, Mimi Mayo, Jamie McGee, C 
Potash, Carey Floyd, Hannah Galbraith, Ann Ezzell, Megan Newi 
Miller; Middle: Tippins Stone, Grahan Barton, Mary Chisolm, Mi 
Granberry, Lauren Ezell, Meri Long, Mary D. Bartoe, Coach Rliss; Kneeling: 
Katheryn Dennison, Allie Bohannon, Liza Trickett, Dylan Taylor-Smith. 
Jennifer Burn, Elizabeth Bradbury, and Emily Clark. 

Above: Seniors: Carey Floyd, Megan Newman- 
Miller, Emily Dade, and Sutton Lipman by the 
water at the retreat. 

Center: Allie Bohannon her shadow and Katheryn 
Dennison push it to the finish line. 

Left: The team shares a moment 
gathering around a trophy earned at 
one of their many weekend meets. 

Below: Tippins Stone, sopho- 
more, is so fast she doesn't touch 
the ground. 

Above: Ummm... Elizabeth maybe 
you shouldn't yell back at the coach 
right before the race. Just a tip. 

This year's cross country team, coached by Mrs. Susan Russ and Mrs. Tiffany Dale, was strong and diverse consisting of six 
freshmen, five sophomores, three juniors, and an amazing ten seniors. This team won almost every meet, bringing home the STATE 
TITLE. But not only is winning important, it's also about having fun. The runners started their season off with a retreat to Marion 
Granberry's lakehouse where they enjoyed wave runners, speed boatsjumping off a bridge, and watching movies (keep in mind they ran 
twice a day!). As Mary Diane Bartoe said, "The cross country team is really close because we all work together in practice and in meets." 
Katheryn Dennison enjoyed the senior workout practice the most. "We had birdseed and mustard and chocolate all over us." she says. It 
was not all fun and games, however. Their hard work paid off on November 4, when the team won the championship state title. Also. 
Jamie McGee, Marion Granberry, Allie Bohannon, Jennifer Burn, and Katheryn Dennison made 1 st Team All Metro, with Tippins Stone, 
a sophomore, making 2 nd Team All Metro. As their cross country t-shirts say: "Who let the bears out? Grrrr" 


Vol- Ley Way to Statt 

S~E~N-I~OR~S...yeah we 
love our seniors. Rachel, 
Kazzie, and Margaret 
celebrate their last home 

"Get on the floor" was how 
Freshman Nancy Sisk described 
her overall volleyball experience 
this year. The volleyball team, led 
by coaches Karen Schwartz and 
Jennifer Pledger, began practicing 
August first, and all of their hard 
work paid off when the beat 
Father Ryan to advance to the 
semifinals of Division II. This 
was the first time that Harpeth Hall 
had beaten Father Ryan in eleven 
years. Senior Margaret Martin 
commented, "We learned what it 
meant to come together as a team 
and give our all. When we did, we 
saw that the will to win 
Elizabeth Porter jumps for the 

cannot be beat, and Father Ryan 
saw this also. They admitted that 
they did nothing wrong; we just 
refused to lose." This year's 
team was led by three seniors 
Margaret Martin, Rachel Chisolm, 
and Kazzie Zerface. They each 
contributed a little something 
special to the team; for Margaret 
leadership and tenacity, 
Kazzie hard work and comic 
relief, and Rachel the will to win 
and determination. Congratula- 
tions to the 2000-2001 Volleyball 

Go Becky Brown! 


"Rachel, Mary, look how far my 
rear sticks out. Maybe if I wiggle 
it a little I can have a lead in the 
prom skit!" says junior Becky 


Rachel Chisolm 

Margaret Martin 

Kazzie Zerface 

Becky Brown 

Caroline Moses 

Lindsay Owens 

Elizabeth Porter 

Sarah Anne Bargatze 

Sara Isenhour 

Mary Stengel 

Tori Tucker 

Betsy Buntin 

Carolyn Corbett 

Christina Hart 

Abby Lipshie 

Laura Miller 

Katie Seals 

Nancy Sisk 

Head Coach: Karen Schwartz 

Asst. Coach: Jennifer Pledger 

Student Coach/Manager: Alice Orman 






h)0, it's the 
Harpeth Hall.... 


HVAC CHAMPIONS! The MS Tennis team started off their 
season with matches against USN, Ensworth, and Christ 
Presbyterian and started the season off with a winning streak. 
The rest of the HVAC opponents, minus BMS, suffered the 
same fate to the Bears. As the tournament approached the 
Bears entered as a number one seed. Their trip to the 
championship match was rather painless. Both of our doubles 
teams were seeded number one in the Championship round. 
The team ended up taking home the gold, winning the HVAC 
championship and two of the five individual championships. 
Mary Katherine Bartholomew captured the number three 
singles title and Candace Clippard and Alison Milam won the 
number two double titles. First year coach Robert Benson 
and the unreplacable Miss Patty have once again showed 
that the Bears are a force to be reconed with! 

Above: Morgan Stengel whacks the ball. 

Below: With quick feet and a strong follow 
through, seventh grader Elizabeth Jackson 
sends one down the line. 

Bf ;s v;.; ±1 




1 ! '^T^ 

■ « 


#j jj 



3jC > ; ; VM 

jj « igi fiJ 

Above Right: Lindy 
Johnson takes a swing. 

Above : The girls cool down after their 
grueling practice. 

MS Tennis Team(Back row: : Ms. Patty, 
Candace Clippard, Augusta Cole, 
Elizabeth Anderson, Morgan Stengel, 
Alison Milam, Coach. Benson, Elizabeth 
Jackson. Front Row: Denton Whitson, 
Lindy Johnson, Katy Bowers, Mary 
Katherine Batholomew, Margaret Tipton, 
and (not pictured) Liza Darwin. 

Below: Miss Patty tries to listen in on the latest MS 





The Harpeth Hall 
Soccer Team 

The 2000 Harpeth Hall Soccer 
Team had yet another enjoyable 
and successful season. The team 
began the season facing many 
obstacles such as injuries, illness, 
and as the loss of seven starters. 
However, Seniors Susan Oliver, 
Lauren Toth, Kathleen Serck, Cayce 
McCain, and MaryCres Szarwark led 
this team to a 15-5-2 record, quali- 
fying the Bears as 11 th in the state 
and 3 rd in Division II. Ms. Seiters 
joined Tim Wallace as Assistant 
Coach. For the fourth year in a row, 

(Below) Who let Da Bears Out? The 
Harpeth Hall Soccer team members 
are like animals on the feild. 

First Row: A.Markham, S.Tidwell, M. Szarwark, L. Toth, C McCain, S. Oliver, K. Serck, C 
Landry, E. Williamson. Second Row: A. Oldacre, A. Gallager, L. Gernert, S. Soltman, A. Mayo, 
K. Carter, E. Ballard, R. Simpkins. Third Row: Coach Seiters, S. Loeppke, E. Lewis, E. Conrad, 
E. Davis, C Hale, G. Wachtler, L. Toth, K. Abkowitz, H. Rhodes, A. Sinks, M. Riley, B. Lewis, 
A. Jones, Coach Wallace. 

the Harpeth Hall Varsity Soccer 
Team advanced to the state semi- 
finals of Division II, a claim which 
no other team in the division can 
make. The team received several 
honors, including Harpeth Hall/St. 
Cecelia Fall Classic Champions, 
Division II Middle Region Runner- 
Up, and an All State Tournament 
Team member, Abigail Markham. 
The success of this team was due 
to the senior leadership, love of 
competition, and a passion for the 

(Above) Lauren and Casey keep their 
eye on the ball 


(Left) All Tournament Players 
Abby Markham and Kathleen Serck 
and MVP Lauren Toth smile after a 
successful Fall Classic 

(Below) Raliegh Anne Simpkins 
rises to the occasion. 

(Left) The ferocious Seniors put on 
their game faces. 

2000 Gatorade Will to Win Atheletes 
Cayce McCain 
Susan Oliver 
Kathleen Serck 
Lauren Toth 
Abigail Markham 

Kate Carter 2000 All-Sectional Team 
Abigail Markham 
Cayce McCain 
Kathleen Serck 
Lauren Toth 
Tennessee Coaches Association All-State 
Kathleen Serck 
Abigail Markham 
Lauren Toth 
Cayce McCain 

m m 


Upper School Basketball 

The Varisty basketball team ended the year with a 
2 1 -8 record and made another trip to the TSSAA State 
Final FourTournament in Murfreesoboro. Highlights 
of the season included big home wins against rivals 
Father Ryan and Brentwood Academy. The team 
finished second in the Region Tournament only to 
give up the number one seed by 2 pts. The team 
began its season early in the summer attending camp 
in Louisville, KY. Of course you can't go to Louis- 
ville with out going to Kentucky Kingdom for team 
bonding. Seniors Margaret Martin and Susan Oliver 
led their team by example on and off the floor. 

Above: Seniors Susan Oliver and Margaret Martin with 
their parents at this year's Senior Night. 
Below: Porter in perfect triple threat looking for Bx at 
the post. 

Below: Becky Brown 
beats out her defender 
and takes it up for the 
easy two. 

BF - 



^■^ 13 

4 H^W 

T V 1 

Above: Freshman Nancy Sisk playing keep 
away from the other team. It looks like 
she's winning, as the whole team did beat- 
ing Ryan on our home turf! 



In Uniform L-R, back- 

Austin Jones 
Crockett Hale 
Rachel Price 
Becky Brown 
Jennifer Price 
Elizabeth Porter 
Tori Tucker 
Stephanie Compton 
Ann Wyatt Little 
Susan Oliver 
Margaret Martin 
Nancy Sisk 
Katheryn Deninson 
Abby Lipshie 
All ie Bohannon 

Left: Despite an 
invasion fo per- 
sonal space, Mar- 
garet Martin keeps 
her eyes on the 

Above:Game plan 
ponderance during a 
timeout. If Susan 
leans a tad further we 
could see her whole 



Who ever thinks that Harpeth Hall doesn't have school spirit has 
undoubtably never come to a Harpeth Hall sporting event. From basketball and 
volleyball to swimming, bowling, and track, you can always count on someone 
decked out in green and gray! This year, the cheerleaders have improved their 
cheers and have added many to their list. Not only are there new cheers, but 
many more people too! They get the crowd excited and enjoy every chance to 
show a new move. These girls are definately unique, always having their "spirit 
box" ready for every bear fan. With a paw on each cheek, this year's team has 
been the best ever! And althought the uniforms don't match and the cheers aren't 
perfect, our cheerleaders are one of a kind! From the half-time shows to the 
dancing mascot, we have taken cheerleading to a totally new level ! 

Below :Julie Cato and Jamie McGee in 
smiles as the HH b-ball team is in the lead 
four points! 

Above: Four brunettes and five 
blondes! Taylor, Sally, Caroline 
L, Lisa Mac, Grace, Julie, 
Cornelia, Ann, and Jamie pile 
together for a quick photo-op. 

Left : Mix, match. ..just wear whatever! Nine 
seniors (Kate, Cayce M., Susan, (?*#?=), 
Ashley,Cayce T., Chelsea, Kathleen) are 
cheering to the stands as they try to lead 
their volleyball team to victory! 


Party Of FIVE 

Five girls, three months, and one coach. What more 
could the Upper School Golf team ask for? It all started one 
summer day at Bellevue Golf Range when it seemed as though 
Emmy Powell had prior social engagements, Dru Nelson was at 
a professional lesson, leaving Molly Moore, Minje Whitson, and 
Lauren Hills to battle it out with their coach, Ms. Burrus, for a 
better swing. On and on, they complained and complained, but in 
the end, they complained again. "Hurry it up! Ya'll havin a tea 
party down there?! *," was a constant question the girls heard at 
almost every practice. Though this was the golf team's second 
year since its rejuvenation, they were able to beat St. Cecilia in 
the Regionals, advancing the team to state, thus, finishing their 
season better than expected. It was an exciting season with two 
freshmen, Dru Nelson and Emmy Powell, two juniors, Minje 
Whitson and Lauren Hills, and last but not least, the lone senior, 
Molly Moore, the lone senior who led the team to victory. 

Top Left : The perfect swing 
for a Kodak moment. 

Above : ummm....we don't 
make physical contact with 

Left : I think it disappeared. 


* Won 3 of 7 matches 

^^ * 3rd in region 

Left : Wow! What a smile! *8th in state 

(Molly 224, Minje 220) 


Below, Below Left, Below Right: Riflery team members Feliz 
Genca, Ellen Riley, and Mary Grace Harvery focus on the target 
before them, well, at leaset Mary Grace keeps her focus. Coach 
Bob Van Cleve would be proud! 

Above: Ready, Aim, Fire! 

Above: Don't mess with an armed 

Above: Mary Grace adjusts the settings. 


Cool &zamiMjjs 

Above: Mrs. Graves and Mrs Royse, Above: Kaz sprints past 5th graders in Above: Maggie McCain shows 

very patient track coaches! the straightaways. older sisterCayce how it's really 


( 7 ) 

Splish Splash 

Bearacudas win StateTitle 

Below: Lyndsey Johnson, Macie Garrett, 
Megan Beckner, and Lauren halleman 
take a break during the championship 

Senior Ann Stewart Banker 
defines swimming as "a sport 
made up of hard work, dedica- 
tion, Fazzoli's, and friends." 
She continued to say, "The best 
thing was the unity across all 
grade levels." The swimteam 
works together, and their hard 
work paid off by winning state 
and beating GPS. This was the 
first time Harpeth Hall had 
won state since 1981, when 

Tracy Caulkins was a member 
of the team. The team was 
coached by Polly Linden and 
Jack Hazen and led by seven 
seniors: Ann Stewart Banker, 
Evins Cameron, Juile Cato, 
Amy McDuffie, Elizabeth 
Ramsey, Lizzie Smith, and 
Lauren Trent. Congratulations 
to the 2000-2001 State Champs: 
The Harpeth Hall Bearacudas!! 

Right : All- American Evans cameron 
plunges into the water to help her relay 
team win first in state. 

Left : Ramsey does the diving version of 
the macarana. 

Swim And Dive Team 



Ann Stewart Banker 
Evins Cameron 

Julie Cato 

Amy McDuffie 

Elizabeth Ramsey 

Lizzie Smith 

Lauren Trent 


Megan Beckner 
Lauren Campbell 
Lauren Hallemann 
Amanda Larence 

Meg Ragland 
Grace Richardson 


Catherine Beckner 

Clair Crozier 

Lyndsey Johnson 

Meredith Keltner 

Megan Turner 


Elizabeth Bradbury 
Laine Evans 
Macie Garrett 
Rachel Howell 
Margaret Martin-Lacey 
Emmie Powell 
Mary Ramsey 
Liza Trickett 
Grace Wachtler 
Laura Wright 

Eighth Graders 

Elizabeth Anderson 

Mary Clare Carpenter 

Caitlin Heyman 

Ryan McLaughlin 

Shearer Moore 

Helen Ramsey 

Allison Wiseman 

Far Left: The underclassmen are going for 
that fresh out of the pool look. 

Left: Mandy swims her way to being an 


...They have it under control. 

Left: Virginia fights for the 

Below: Susan is on her way to 
the goal, with nothing to stop 

The Lacrosse team had 
an incredible season 
this year. With their 
8-0 record, no team 
could come between 
them and victory. 
Though currently a 
club sport, these are 
some major athletes. 
A Lax players runs an 
average of 4 miles a 

Below: Grace is going in for 
the kill. 

Above: Katie gets the ball 
back in bounds. 

Left: Back Row, L toR: K. Lainhart, 
Stewart, A. Schwaber, L. Bryant, C. 
Souder, G. Wachtler, M. Chisolm, S. 
Brown, C.Johns 

Middle Row, L to R: Coach Vest, C. 
Short, A. Thomas, C. Thompson, V. 
Pirkle, K. Provost, A. Gallagher 
Front Row, L toR: E. Burn, K. 
McKinley, G. Clayton, S. Oliver, H. 

Below: Coach Vest is relaying 
the new strategy to Jessica. 

Left: The team comes 
together to cheer after yet 
another win. 


Running in circles 

Harpeth Hall won its eleventh State Track & Field 
Championship making it the second highest total of 
individual sport team championships. With an 
undefeated 2001 season, the team were Doug Hall 
Champions, Shoney's Track & Field Nashville City 
Champions, and Region champions. The freshmen 
team had a successful year while maintaining theirtitle as 
Ninth Grade City Champions. Runners, throwers, and 
jumpers leave time for play and the "senior workout" 
despite the tremendous amount of work during the four- 
month season. The time, skill, and committment was 
rewarded with rrjedals and championships. 

f # 

Above: The 4 X400M Relay win- 
ners, A. Bohannon, K. Dennison, 
K. Harrell, and C. McCain in the 
State championship. As the last 
event, the first place win put HH at 
the top. 



Above: Kendra Abkowitz clears 
the pole vault 

Above: Huntley Rhodes in the triple jump 

C 7 | 

:J^ g^Bf> "f^ 'tV^' ' • t^'' ■ ■L ^ ' i 

Left: 2001 State Champions 
coached by Susan Russ, Jack 
Henderson, and Susan Thornton. 

foil [ l^H^T^^^frfir | 


Above: Becky Brown made All- 
midsate First Team for Discus. 

Above: With there 20/20 vision, met- 
ric system knowledge, and dexterity, 
L. Ezell, M. Granberry, G. Barton, C. 
Floyd, C. Potash, J. McGee, E. 
Ballard, and M. Mayo help out with a 
middle school meet. 


Diamonds are a 

Above: Lethal at bat, junior Elizabeth 
Porter sneaks in a bunt and an RBI! 

Below: She is SO safe! 

Back Row(LtoR): Coach Pledger, Emma Lewis, Lauren 
Simpson, Anna Trotter, Lindsay Towry, Katie Seals. 
Christina Hart, AnnWyatt Little, Ellen Green, Coach 
Linden. Middle Row (LtoR):tiays Brandon, Mary Stengel, 
Tori Tucker, Sara Isenhour, Sarah Gabbert, Sara 
Rodriguez. Front Row(LtoR)Elizabeth Porter, Molly 
Moore, Lindsey Owens. 


.1...., „,. -^w 


•JL H 


% 4^| 



— ^~" ^M '*' 



Above: "Now Hays, let me tell you how 
First, you hold my face mask, second, 
wash my uniform, then...". 

it is. 

Girl's Best Friend 

Left: YoucanjusthearCoach Linden saying "What 
are you doing?" 

Below: Molly, Molly, Molly Moore, the solo senior 
throws one down at second. 

bove: Sara Rod. and Tori Tucker congratulate each other on an awesome play. 

Above: The Cali girl sprints the bases for 
a honeybear victory ! 

Great Balls 
of Fire! 

The 2001 Varisty Tennis Team had yet 
another awesome season. Led by Coach Laura 
Hays and 4 fearless seniors, they have had a sea- 
son to be remembered by all. Sophomore Rachel 
Price won in the Region Tournament, and will be 
the #1 seed in the State Tournament in Chatta- 
nooga. Several other girls finsihed strong at the 
Region Tournament, held on May 10 at MBA. 
Seniors Lauren Toth, Lauren Trent, Elise Hagan, 
and Rachel Chisolm will be greatly missed next 
year, but the underclassmen will keep the tennis 
team going strong ! 

Sharon, Leslie, and Kendall warm up before a big match. 

Back Row:(L-R) Kendall Fort, Shearon Rhett, Elise Hagan, Lauren Toth, Rachel Chisolm, Hannah Menefee, Coach 
Laura Hays. Front Row:(L-R) Lauren Trent, Mary Katherine Stone, Leslie Toth, Rachel Price, Carolyn Corbett. 

Above: Seniors Elise Hagan, Lauren Toth, Rachel Chisolm, and Lauren Trent get up close and personal. 

Above: Rachel fires one past her opponent with a stellar Above: Partners Lauren Toth and Elise Hagan destroy the 
backhand. less than dynamic duo on the other side of the net! 





mi MMPdOilM 

Ninth Grade Retreat 

The freshman headed out for Hillmont Camp in White Bluff, TN. They were 
joined by 40 upperclassmen who were attending the Leadership Retreat. These 
leaders gave the freshman advice on how to have a fun and a manageable first 
year. They did a ropes course and an exciting championship game of Trivial 
Pursuit. Not only did they play games, but they met in their advisor groups, 
spent time learning names, and helped in understanding theexpectations of Up- 
per School students. The freshman retreat was a huge success! 

Above: Welcome to Earth Freshmen. 
Above Middle: Dm grins from ear to ear be- 
cause she snuck on the page twice! 
Above Right: Student Melinda Higgins flashes a 
devious smile because of all the inside scoop she 
has gotten from teacher Melinda Higgins' email! 
Right: Tara, is everything ok? 

Nancy Sisk said, "The Frosh 
retreat was awesome! The pro- 
cess of finding our 'niches' took 
place thatweekend!" 

Senior Retreat 

Top right: What a great way to celebrate Ann's 
birthday... on the senior retreat! And, since it is her birthday 
she is just going to be on this page twice! 
Above: The seniors pose in their cute tanks! 

"After much fighting with 
administration over a variety of 
senior subjects, the class was 
happy the retreat did not include 
spending the night." 

Following registration, the 
seniors boarded buses for the Inn 
at the Walking Horse Farm in 
Franklin. Most of the day was 
spent discussing college 
acceptances. Then they split into 
groups and discussed the 
acceptance and denial of some 
fictitious students. Surprisingly, 
the groups did not agree on 
which students to accept or deny. 
The evening ended with a 
candlelight dinner and a 
return trip home. 

Below: Does something smell? 


Below: Austin Jones holds on to one part of the rope. 
In this game everyone closed their eyes and held a peice 
of the rope. The goal was to use group effort and 
cooporation to form a square. 

Below: Grace Clayton "Unity Shunuinity." 

Above: Leah High gets the attention of the group to 
try and brain storm ideas for the theme of the year. 

Above: Elizabeth Ramsey, senior class president, 
looking hot and confused, takes notes on ideas for 
the upcoming year. 


M vddle/ Schoob Retreat 

Left: Each advisee group prepared one section of 
the 8th grade shield and shared the meaning with 
the rest of the class. A group of 8th graders 
presents their section of the 8th grade sheild. Each 
section of the sheild holds symbolic meaning and 
constitutes the 8th grade values and theme for the 

Above:Danielle Cherney and Allison Oldam take a 
break from their intense hula hooping. 

bolve: Emily Crowell gets back into the groove of 
ling her brain after the long relaxing summer. 

Above: When did mohawks come back in style? 
Right: We feel 'ya pain Kate! 


That Damn 
Stage Door 

Fall Productions 2000 

Damn Yankees 

This fall's play, Damn Yankees, was a col- 
laboration directed by Dr.Cal Fuller. The 
Faust drama was a hit, and the show sold-out 
on opening night! Practice for the play 
started before school and continued until the 
shows which were September 2 1-24. Damn 
Yankees had a huge cast and was a great per- 

Above: (L-R) John Humbracht, Tucker Robinson and Cal 
Alexander are proud of their perfo nuance! 

Above-Richard Howell and Alvin Love can hardly keep their 
shirts on they're so excited. Liz Edwards, Grace Clayton, 
Scottie Gambill, and Dr. Fuller join in on their excitement. 

Liz Edwards, a.k.a. Meg, with Audrey Ball, a.k.a. Lola, 
after the performance. 

| H 

■ ■4 ^■fiCr^j! 


IYm "■ 




\bove: Liz seems to be the center of attention! 
Below: Those boys look a little shady. 

Stage Door 

The Fall Production entitled Stage Door written by Edna Ferber and 
George Kaufman was presented by the Harpeth Hall Playmakers 
November 2-4. The play tells the story of a female boarding house for 
aspiring actors in New York City during the 1950s. The story discusses 
the timeless argument of whether film or theater is better. Stage Door 
was an amazing script that was performed very well by both Harpeth 
Hall girls and MBA boys as well. The production was dedicated to 
Ms. Klocko's grandfather, Sam Segal who passed away the week of the 

Michaela McKee, aka Terry Randall, starred in the 

/erformance of Stage Door. 

The entire cast and crew of Stage Door poses on the set. 



Above: Liza and a SCA Above: The Sophmores go ALL 
fairy. out. 

This year the Fall Dance was swarming with excited 
honey bears, all of which were dressed in full Hal- 
loween gear. The band was a hit and they got the 
colorful crowd involved in a wide variety of songs. 
But no doubt the most anticipated portion of the 
evening was the costume contest. Some of the most 
remembered costumes were Anna Derryberry 
(03'),dressed as a character from XMen, and the 
Grace Clayton (OT) Julie Cato (01') duo, dressed as 
some overweight, over-served, sunbathers. The great 
decorations, provided by the student council, were 
fabulous as always. Although the refreshments were 
slurped up pretty quick, the crowd stayed cool. 
Without a doubt, it was a fabulous night for ghouls, 
goblins, and dancing. 


bove: Mayor Purcell gets 
rnie last minute pointers 
Dm Jennifer Price before 
s speech. 

bove Right: Mr. Goodwin 
:ts a "good luck" hug before 
e speech of his lifetime. 

ight: Ana Nettles lulls the 

ir Right: The young genera- 
Dn of Golden Girls! 


This, too!fl 

Above: Nancy Seiters and "beau" 
after she receives the Heath Jones 

Above Right: Whitney May, Becca 
Durnin, Suzanne Brown, and Lind- 
say Owens, some of our Cum Laude 

Right: Late to assembly!!! 

Far Right: The Real 
Coca Cola! 


Tweleve students, Mrs. Cox 
and Mrs. Choppin left right after 
graduation and spent 10 days in 
Cuernavaca, Mexico. Mornings were 
spent at an international school and 
afternoons visiting markets for 
bargins, touring museums, swimming 
and taking siestas. All stayed with 
the Sosa family, thought not Sammy's, 
and were fed 6 courses for the after- 
noon meal. 

Above: Elizabeth Conrad's birthday 
was celebrated with an authentic Pinata 

Left: Careful not to drink the water, 
these travelers are all smiles! 

Winter Forma 

Above: Ellen, Jennifer, Abigail 
and Lindsay are all smiles. 

Above: Caroline, Lauren, 
and Hannah are ready to go. 

Above: SMILE! 
Above Right: Soph mores 
having a great time. 

Harpetb Hall Winter Formal is a 
much anticipated event. Every girl 
loves to find a beautiful dress, no 
matter bow long it takes. All that 
is left to get after that is to get a 
date, make dinner reservations, 
perhaps get a limo, set the cur- 
few... For the first time formal 
was held on a weeknight. Exams 
ended on Tuesday, December 19. 
Ace that last exgm and then dance 
the night away. 

Above:Clai> and Meredith are 
enjoying the dance. 

Above: Juniors can flash the 
pearly whites. 

More than your basic black 


1 1 I f~ ■ 
11 m ^H 

■ 1 k 



Above: Emily, Caylan, Minjie 
and their dates are ready for an 
awesome night ahead! 

bove: Ivana and Victor 
rike a pose. 

Above: Megumi and Katie are 
full of excitement, why 
wouldn't they be, look at that 
guy to girl ratio!!! 

Above:5ophomore girls stmt their 

Below: Freshmen dress up in 
the latest styles. 

"'. J 

:low: Sally and Cassie all 
dressed up and ready to go. 


W & i nterim...not just an 

Right: Emily Dean and Lindsay Towry 
discuss a project in Gender Roles. 

Above: Elizbeth Triggs and Briton Alonso 
work on the computer on Titans day. 

Right: Caroline Johnson paints a beach 
scene in 
an art class. 

extension on our winter break 

Far Left: Margaret Martin-Lacey and 
Hadley Hines work on their Matrix project. 

Left: Stephanie Compton playing the guitar 
in the Songwriting/Guitar class. 

Below: Mrs. Cox's French Cooking 
students taste their recipes. 

Center: Lizzie Smith paints in her 
independent study class. 

Left: Marion Granberry and Christine 
Souder look at film in Portrait Photography. 

Left: Anna Derryberry proudly shows her board breaking 
expertise in Self Defense. 


Below: New York is probably the 
only place Ballard's voice will not 
be heard. 

Below: It's not all work and no play Above: An experience these girls will never forget, visiting the 

while in Washington. Juniors and pyramids at G iza, Egypt. 

Seniors also got to see the ^- ^ ~ 

Jefferson Memorial and the pl^ M. V_ ♦*! ' x ^ 

Inauguration Ball. 

Above: Anne demonstrated the appropriate way to ride a camel, 

Right: Megan Beckner and 
Meredith Ramsey spent Winterim 
learning about News 



Left: Looking for prom dates? 

bove: Shirley Li shops with her friends back in da' hood, Bejing. 

Above: Mrs. Grimes and Ms. Roark 
model their new matching sweaters 
in front of St. Pauls Cathedral in 

Left: Riding the subway was just 
one way they had to be independent 
and learn how to get around on 
their own. 

Left: Kensington Palace was one of 
many unique places the Harpeth 
Hall girls saw while in London. 

Above: Lauren has been waiting for this moment. Below: Dr. Echerd presents 
Below: Sarah is having a big hair day. Cara with the History award 



Above: Becca is all smiles. 

Below: Ann brags, "Haha, I 

Below: Jenny is stunned with 



Each Spring, Harpeth Hall 
girls bring their fathers and 
special friends onto the Gen- 
eral Jackson for an exciting 

evening of fun. The night 

includes a scenic boatride 
down Nashville's Cumberland 
River, a live band and dance 
floor, and a delicious dinner 
featuring the mysterious but 

infamous General Jackson 
stuffed chicken. Everyone is 
eager to dance and crowds 
the dance floor awaiting the 

appearance of the Blues 
Brothers. The music is great, 

the crowd loves to boogie, 

and everyone loves to spend 

such a fun evening with their 

favorite date. 

The Father Daughter Dance 

Above:Susan and Hannah let their food settle 

before they go dancing. 
Below: Emily, Caylan, Bradley, and Meredith go 

stag for awhile. 

Above: Elizabeth Ramsey smiles for the camera, ready for her last Father-Daughter Dance. 

Below: Megan shows her pearly whites 
during her last dance with Dad. 

Above: The Seniors really know how to get 

Livitv' JMU 

Like the past Valentine's Day dances, this year's was a suc- 
cess. Among the rad DJ, incredible H.H. dancers, and irreplaceable 
chaperones, the most memorable part was Singled Out. This tradi- 
tional game involved setting up a freshmen guy, a sophomore girl, a 
junior guy, and a senior girl with their ultimate dream dates. Sopho- 
more Lauren Salerno and senior Lisa Shipp (someone close to the 
heart of all yearbook staffers) were hard on the contestants, but 
managed to catch their hot guys. Lisa's dates (yes, she won two 
boys) even traveled from England just to win the contest. After the 
candy heart poems and singing boys, everyone was ready to hit the 
dance floor. Wow, it sure was a night 'o fun. 

Below: Charlie contemplates 
which girl should receive the 
oh so coveted "Golden Ticket". 

Right: Erin practices her "Who let 
the Dogs Out" howl, while Ann 
Stewart shows what it means to jB 
rreally "boogie down". 

Right: Seniors Julie, Leah, Erin, 
Jamie, and Ann Stewart conspire to 
steal on or both of Lisa's dates. 


OivC NiGtfl OM.Y 

Above: Student director Liz Edwards and 
Mrs. Klocko show us that they can also 
act, as they do their best "happy faces" 

This year, on May 12, for the second time, the students of 
the Advanced Theater class got the chance to direct their very own 
one acts. Cristen Mills chose "The Lady of Larkspur Lotion", while 
Mickey McKee directed "Specter". "15 minute Hamlet" was di- 
rected by Jennifer Harrison, and Liz Edwards chose "The Lover". 
The one acts had a twist this year in that four segments from the 
musical "Dream Girls" were performed in between acts. The nu 
mbers were directed by Mrs. Klocko and featured Jennifer 
Harrison, Cristen Mills, Gina Calloway, and Lynne Rothrock. 
These four finished the night off with their incredible performance 
of "One Night Only", where Mrs. Calloway showed everyone that 
not only could she sing, but could also really get down with her bad 
self. The four student directors were very excited to get the chance 
to direct fellow students. Liz Edwards comments, " We were really 
fortunate to have this opportunity to direct. It showed us a different 
side of theater." Although the girls enjoyed directing, they decided it 
would take a great deal of practice and experience to master it. The 
student actors were amazing, the singers all had soul, and the direc- 
successfully displayed their incredible talents. 

Above: Jennifer shows her cast that at a certain angle, one can 

see the reflection of D.J. Ranta in the goblet. 

Right: Catherine Beckner, Katie Atkins, and director Cristen Mills 

of the one act "The Lady of Larkspur Lotion." 

Above right: The Hamlet cast poses while Richard reads up on 

what women really want. 

In the tradition of past 
years, Harpeth Hall's Upper 
School Art Show opened in 
April, and numerous guests 
came on campus to support 
the artists and see the work. 

Everyone who took art 
this year in the upper school 
had work in the show, except 
for the seniors in AP Studio 
Art, who had their own show 
a week later. 

This year's show was an 
extremely impressive mix of 
painting, sculpture, drawing, 
and photography. What can 
we say? Harpeth Hall girls are 
just so multi-talented! 

Above: Keats and Lauren pose in 
front of some of HH's masterpieces. 

Right: Rosie hugs the very multi- 
faceted Becca Durnin: artist and 
yearbook editor extraordinaire. 

Above: The strange man in the 
tights teaches everyone how to dance 
the Volta. 

Left: Hey! They didn't have vacuum 
cleaners in the 1500's! 

If you had asked a senior what 
kinds of food, clothing, and hobbies 
were popular in late fifteenth century 
Europe, they probably would not have 
known the answer... that was until Dr. 
Myers's annual Renaissance Banquet. 

In March, the senior class 
gathered in the gallery for a night of 
eating, drinking, and being merry. Of 
course, the night was not complete 
without a friend of Dr. Myers, who 
provided the entertainment for the 
evening by demonstrating some 
Renaissance dances and musical 
instruments. Let's just say the entire 
evening was an educational 

Top Left: "Of course we don't feel 
awkward in these clothes!" 

Below: Jennifer has prepared a 
nutritious, yet age appropriate 
chicken, which the rest of the senior 
class will now eat. 

Harpeth Hall and MBA Spring Production 

imaginative reconstruction 
of the lives of the Bronte's. 
Directed by Ms. Janette 
Klocko, the production had 
a small cast of seven 
students: E.A. Manier, 
Audrey Ball, Melissa 
Pinsly, William Kaminiski, 
John Voigt, Liz Edwards, 
and Tommy McGinn. 

The stage for Masterpieces was suspended from the ceiling. This effect 
was used because the majority of the play takes place as a dream. 


E.A. Manier, Melissa Pinsly, 
and Audrey Ball are having a 
great time. 


William Kaminski painted an exact replica of 
a painting of the Bronte sisters, using Audrey, 
Melissa, and E.A. as his subjects. 

When asked her 
favorite tradtion 
at Harpeth Hall, 
Lindsay Mahan 
replied, "Singing 
'Night of 
Silence' at the 
Winter Choral 

Above: The Seventh and Eigth 
Grade Chorus appear excited 
to perform. 

Above: The Chorus girls are 
frozen as they see for the first 
time the mysterious Ann 



Both the Middle school and the 
Upper School Chorus had a 
very successful year. Harpeth 
Hall was proud to send the 
Upper School Chorus to New 
York, but the blew the 
audiences away in Nashville as 
well. The Winter and Spring 
Concerts show off the talents of 
the Fifth and Sixth Grade 
Chorus, the Seventh and Eighth 
Grade Chorus, the Upper 
School Chorus, and the 
Chamber Orchestra. 

Below: "I must concentrate!" 

Above: AliB. Cool 

Left: Open wide, Mary 

^▼rr Tl iTrr T OTr rTl iTr rT itTrr Tl iTr rT ,tTr rTl i7r rT v 

Feet loose 

This year's Spring dance 
concert was a huge 
was held over the 50th 
anniversary weekend, which 
provided many alums with an 
opportunity to come see one of 
the four performances. This 
year was only the second time 
in spring dance concert history 
to include the Middle School 
companies, and also the 

the dancers. The second act 
was called "You are So 
Nashville..", which included 
music either written or per- 
formed here. Seniors Helen 
Martin, Cory Chockley, and 
Cristin Mills had grand finales 
on the revamped stage! 

Right : All hail the tie-dye 

second time to have live goddess! 
musicians accompany the 

Above: These girls 3re cirttin' footloose! 


Left: Cristin shows the middle 
schoolers the moves. 



A manda Lawrence is the special host of Prom 
Theme Temptation Island. Faculty members 
Brad Ungrait, Dr. Jack, Tony "the Tiger" 
Springman, and Tuz get tempted and are dis- 
missed by the themes. Victoria Doramus was 
heard by many saying that it was definately the 
"shoes' r that did it for her. Dr. Hopple demon- 
strates the real reason he is moving to New 


Temptation Island was here at Harpeth Hall. With 
a variation of the reality T. V. series Temptation Island, 
juniors teased seniors with a variety of prom themes 
such as Dance Party USA, Toga , Western and Mardi 
Gras. Mardi Gras survived the temptation and won 
out as theme. Seniors were then treated to a feast of 
King Cake and other sweets. 

Highlights of the temptation were a butt dance by 
Becky Brown, Melissa Pinsley was captivating as 
Vanilla Ice Ice Baby, and several members of the 
male posse debuted their acting/standing talents on 
stage. Dr. Hopple even DJ'd the "Doc Hop." 

As every senior likes freebies, juniors delighted 
them with beads thrown out in to the audience. 

Bourbon Street 

...comes to the gallery. 
Juniors transformed the 
traditional look of the 
gallery and gym into the 
streets of New Orleans. 
Guests could not even go 
to the rest room to escape 
the great city. Flowers, 
bright lights, and a 
Bourbon Street backdrop 
were just some of the 
creations by the class of 
2002. Even a jazz band 
greeted everyone as they 
entered . 

K ellie Guider, Katie McKinley and a 
host of other juniors, seniors and dates 
are welcomed by the sights and sounds 
of New Orleans. It's MARDIGRAS 
time at the Hall. 

Above Right: Ann finally found 

someone to understand her 


Above: Danny Zucco takes 

time out to present Casey. 

Above: Jenifer's date basks in 
the presence of her beauty. 

Above: Ms. Bailey and her 
date dance brow to brow. 


Left: Queen Dacia pauses her 

dance to adjust her Kings 


Below: Carey's date seems to 

have caught a disease while 

dancing. Run Carey, run! 


-^i tMk 

i 9 



Left: Seniors "C" through "H" 
get glitzed and ready for their 
walk down the runway of 
Hiding lights. 

Above: Beauties in blue ditch 
the dates and lock arms for a 
snap shot. 


Wilderness Girls 

Surviving with Seventeen and Pimple Cream 

Leaving Harpeth Hall to visit Camp Laney allowed the 
incoming and returning seventh grade students to unite. They 
managed to survive the trip on pizza and chocolate pudding while 
using their energy In a challenging high ropes course. This 
adventure, including rock climbing and repelling off of a sixty 
foot cliff, taught cooperation and teamwork. The class 
celebrated their accomplishments around a campf ire with funny 
songs, skits, silly games, ghost stories, and s' mores. Canoeing, 
ping-pong, and making arts and crafts for Head Start pre-school 
students were the favorite spare time activities. Conversations 
and dancing were enjoyed \r\ the cabin and luckily the girls were 
not endangered by the bobcats that robbed their food during the 
night. The retreat was a rewarding adventure for both teachers 
and students. 

Above: Jennifer 
Simpson, Sarah Mercy 
and Jamie Gordon work 
on wedgie techniques. 

Left: Theentireseventh 
grade piled up. 

Below: Susan B. 
Margaret H., Whitney 
H. and Olivia P. look 
rough and tough. 

"My favorite part was 

repelling, rock climbing 

and writing letters!" 

...Katie Fredericks 


Where Is Ferns? 

A Visit to the Windy City 

"The best part [ofthe Chicago tripl was being able to have 

fun with my class in an environment different from school for 

& three d^ys. It gave us a chance to see the personalities of those 

iuA|l PHU^ 1» J Jit ■! we don't always hang out with outside of school," said one 

£j eighth grader. A boat tour between the skyskrapers and front 
row at Blue Man Group, complete with banana slime and tissue 
paper wars, were two ofthe incredible activities on the three day 
agenda Students split up in small groups to tour museums, 
dine out, and sleepover at the Knickerbocker. Like Ferris, they 
rode to the top ofthe Sears Tower where they too could press 
their foreheads against the glass to view the city below. Rude 
encounters with the Ed Debevic's Diner waitresses, an 
Above: Melissa M., Emily F., Allison W., educational visit to the Board of Trade, and human pinball 
and Danny C. perfect the windblown look, games at Disneyquest concluded the fun-packed trip. 

Above: Tricia R. and Lyndsey A. 
show the sweet and sour Michael. 

Above: CLto R) Estee S. ; Taylor S.,Cacky T, Helen Rm., Amy B., 
Morgan 5., Rachel A., and Ceci C. sit pretty as they float down the 
Chicago River. 

Left: Mr. Wallace 
receives his first 
pedicure ...or is its' 

Right: ifHelen 
Rankin gritted her 
teeth any harder, 
she fust might scare 
that blue man over 

Land Between the Lakes 

5th Grade Trip 

Each year, the 5th grade takes a trip. This year 
happened to be their lucky year - the infamous Land Be- 
tween the Lakes was their destination. Departing on April 
2nd and coming back on the 3rd, these lucky girls got to 
miss 2 days of school. Among their activites were going to 
the nature center, making s 'mores, putting on hilarious 
skits, learning about animal tracks, going for hikes, and 
really "roughing it" by sleeping in cabins. Students and 
teachers alike agreed this was a great bonding experience! 

Above, right: The girls are just hangin' around 

their rustic cabins. 

Right: The 5th graders pose before departing 

on the bus. 

Above: Erin and Maddie - the next Britney 

and Cristina! 


Washington, DC 

6th Grade Trip 

Each year, the sixth grade travels to the big 
city of Washington, D.C. First, they went to the U.S. 
Capitol and had their picture made with Congressman 
Bob Clement. They toured all the famous monuments 
and memorials and went to Ford's Theater. They also 
went to the Holocaust museum, the National Zoo, the 
National Cathedral, Arlington National Cemetary, and the 
Smithsonian Institue. Ms. Lee said "the trip was a great 
bonding time for all the girls, and also a chance for them 
to see much of our nation's history all in one city." 




.- % 

f||H|teff) !..[-' j 


ill till! 

Hy\j ; /■■( 


Above: 6th graders aid the flight attendants in 
passing out peanuts, otherwise known as "frills" on 
Southwest Airlines. 
Left: Hey, it's the old library. 

lainoloC yaD 

If you're wondering what the title 
means, take each word and reverse the 
letters.... Yup, that's right, its Colonial Day, one 
of the traditions we observe each year during 
the fall. The gallery is transformed into a living 
museum with a tavern, bakery, school, town 
square, garden, and trading post. Outside, they 
have boothes for crime and punishment, 
courtship and marriage, children's games, an 
African slave auction as well as for witchcraft. 
It is a day that is always fun, entertaining, and 
educational. However, one thing that's incred- 
ible every time is oranges with peppermint 
straws, one of the many goods sold in their 
museum shop in the gym. After much prepara- 
tion and organization, the 7 lh grade displayed a 
great show of their expertise on various topics 
concerning colonial life. Colonial Day is one of 
the many projects that is done during the year 
and definitely a favorite! 

Above : Erne Short, Madden McCord, Hay 
McWhirter, and Amy Dixon presenting love 
and marriage. 

Above : Laura Nichols, Allie Phipps, Lillian 
Peterson, and Denton Whitson pose for a pic in 
their constumes! 

Above : Bracey Stewart, Jennifer Simpson, and Olivia Patterson show off 
their pearly whites! 

Above : Lindsey Boyd, Jamie Gordon, Elizabeth 
Grote, Lauren Marcus, Susan Barcus, Grace 
Herbert enjoying oranges! 

Above : Anne Clark Pirkle — lookin; 
just like Virginia. 

Above : Mary Katherine Bartholomew 
and Carsen Maxwell are both a little 


WIDE open Spaces 

Native American Day 

Hard work, research, costume -making 
and memorizing lines are just a few of the many 
things that the fifth grade must complete in their 
assignment for Native American Day. This year, 
like in years past, the fifth grade preformed 
"Clamshell Boy" as well as presented many 
aspects of Native American life. The stations were 
set up in the gallery and were very well designed 
and thoroughly researched. However, not only 
was there a great effort on all parts, but the 
artwork created was fantastic. The colorful 
creatures in an array of clothing are something 
that is always an anticipated display. Astounded 
by the amount of knowledge gained and every 
girl's outstanding outfits, Native American Day 
was one of the many highlights of the year. It is a 
performance that is a part of tradition, but is 
different every year with each class. This year's 
fifth grade was one of the best and on behalf of 
the entire school and community, "Hats off to a 
job well done!" 

Above: Amanda Dean is pointing at the rug 
hangings done by her and her classmates. 

Above : Ashley Norman, Ellie Maloy, Liz Barcus, and Kathleen Catherall 
pose infront of their projects. 

Above : Olivia Howard looks perplexed as Catherine Ramsey 
questions her from behind. 

{Motfeen CaTniralJlW 

Anyone who has been to the Middle 
School on Halloween has seen first hand 
the excitement of the fifth and sixth 
graders as they prepare for their annual 
Halloween Carnival. Each year the girls 
prepare an afternoon of amusement for 
the children of Harpeth Hall alumns. The 
event culminates in a terrifying Haunted 

Below: Becca Hill and Emily Turner are f** 
all smiles from head to toe. 

Above: Carrie McDonald, 
Kaitlyn Ray, and Rachel 
McKenzie prepare to delve in 
the mysterious depths of their 

Below: Rue, you need to refer Ellie 
to your dentist? 

:: Ashley Norman and 
her sister are ready for th 
days of peace, love, and 
rock and roll. 

Above: Joshua, Benjamin, and Mr. Bones, 
aka Harrison, are practicing their approach 
for all the girls. 



What do Coco Chanel and Cleopatra have in common? 
oth found themselves represented by Harpeth Hall sixth graders 
5 Distinguished Women. Each sixth grader dressed the part of a 
oman that has played an important role in history, and shared 
eir research on that woman with fellow classmates and parents, 
'nether representing a geisha from Japan or a nineteenth century 
ritish author, these girls showed the tremendous impact women 
ave had on the world we know today. 

;low:Kaz models 
tive Geisha wear. 

Right: CoCo a.k.a. Mamie 
Nichols, tells us what's 
HOT for summer. 

Right: Nourahas come to give Harpeth 
Hall the white glove test. 
Below: Our presence is graced by these 
12 little women. 


The rest of 

Hall was awed by 
the talents of the 
cast of Snoopy, 
the Middle School 
musical directed 
by Lynne 
Rothrock and 
choreographed by 
Hamilton. This 
musical allowed 
the audience to 
revisit the won- 
derful world of 
Charlie Brown, 
Linus Salty, Pep- 
permint Patty, 
Lucy Woodstock, 
and of course, 
Snoopy. The en- 
semble supported 
the characters 
wonderfully, add- 
ing animation to 
the classic adven- 
tures of Charlie 

Below: Mary Clare Carpenter, "No press 01 
pictures please." 

Right: "Bad! Sit! 

Left: The Cast of 

Above: Clare Berry, Candace 
Clippard, Sarah Lovett, and 
Annie Mulgrew show off their 
"Jazz Hands" 

LEft: y-M-C-A 

Above: Sailors fear- 
lessly scout out the 
Delaware River 

Bottom RightiMrs. 
Mabry receives the 
much deserved 
dedication and gift 

Above: The women of the 
minuet dance with poise and 





The Seventh Grade of '00 - '01 helped to c a r r y 
Harpeth Hall into the new millenium with the 
continuation of a famous Harpeth Hall tradition: 
George Washington Day. Even in Ward-Belmont 
days, one day out of the year, you could find girls 
dressed as sailors, soldiers, elegant ladies, and of 
course our nation's forefathers. This year, as al- 
ways, under the unparalleled guidance of Merrie 
Clark and Leslie Matthews, a superh show was 
given. George Washington was played by Morgan 
Stengel, while Anna Gernert played his other half, 
Martha. Talylor Parrish was Captain of the Guard 
and this year's dedication went to the always fabu- 
ous Sally Mabry.The Seventh Grade did an excel- 
lent job of celebrating not only our first 
president's birthday, but also a long-standing 
tradition for Harpeth Hall's fiftieth birthday. 

Above: The whole group says, 

Top Left: George and Martha strut their stuff 



J^ristin Mutlus and her grand- 
mother (can't you tell) enjoy 
traditional punch at cookies. 


hloiMe/ and/ ch&chyour ^urt 

The Grandmother's Tea this year was a great success! A long 
standing tradition at the 'ole Hall, grandmothers and special friends 
traveled from as far as California to spend time with their families 
over the Thanksgiving week. All the girls spiffed up in their 
dress uniforms and waited for their grandmother or special friend 
in the gallery. Once everyone arrived, all made their way to the 
auditorium for several productions put on by middle school 
students. Performances included "Fun" from the middle school 
dance company, directed by Stephanie Hamilton. The 5th and 
6th grade chorus performed a few numbers. As well as the 7th 
and 8th grade chorus. Even the middle school chamber musi- 
cians played for the crowd. Traditionally, awards are handed out 
to the grandmother or special friends who travels the farthest and 
who has the most grandchildren attending HH. After the 
performances, the crowd moved to the gallery where they 
enjoyed the punch, cookies, and finger food. Everyone social- 
ized, met some teachers, and had their picture taken. All in all, the 
girls had a great time spending the afternoon with their grand- 

r Berry, Ana Nettles. Ashleigh Robinson. Molly Proffit. someone blocked by All 
•yman and Cordelia Landstreet, members of the middle school chamber ensamble 
arm a few tunes for their grandmothers and special guests. 

5 th grader Ashley Norman shares time with her family and friends 


JVL rs Malone spends the after- 
iting and greeting the 
many visitors to campus. She is 
getting ready to give the prize for 
grandmother with the most 
grandchildren at HH. It was actu- 
ally a tie this year. Who do you 
think it could be??? 



And the Winner is ... 

Middle School Athletic Awards 


the HeiSmail i* awarded to-.. 

Above: Huntley Rodes, sophomore, is all 
smiles as she hugs Ms. Russ with tight fists 
and a clenched jaw. Above: Senior, Casey Potash, addresses the importance of sports in her life. 

Above: Softball extraordinaire, Emma Lewis, is more than pleased to be 
taking home her certificate. 


MbJA; m—bPI 


Above: Senior, Lisa McWilliams, checks to 
sure her bag is the real deal. 

Above: Lauren Ezell says thanks for this and sells it with 
her professional sales-like smile. 

Above: Hannah Galbraith is all smiles and glad to finally have her bag. Above: Rachel Price is so shocked she can hardly move 

Above: Freshman, Stephanie Compton, is happy to be standing by her two 
outstanding track coaches. 

Above: Margaret Martin, senior, says her goodbye 
and her last thoughts about her athletic career at HH, 

Above: Mandy Larence, junior, says hand it over before it gets ugly. 


Above Center: Meg dons the 
halo of Harpeth Hall. 

Above Right: "And now, a 
solo by Ms. Teaff. ,, 

As Harpeth Hall 
celebrates its50th 
Anniversary, it is only 
appropriate to have a 
Founder's Day bash. 
The entire school ate 
lunch on Souby Lawn 
with partially constructed 
library in the 
background. Students, 
faculty, and staff had an 
old fashioned picnic, 
50th anniversay hats 
were worn, and a skit 
was performed. 
Students impersonated 
alumnae faculty 
members, along with a 
few others. 

Above: Who knew Tad could look this good? 

Above: Mr. Tuzeneu monkeying 

Above: Don't cry, Mrs. Choppin. This is a 
day of celebration! 

Above: Austin Jones has Mrs. Morton 
"penned" down. 



D3y 2001 

Above: Who knew Monica Lewinsky was friends with Above: The Middle Schoolers are gritting their teeth 

the Sunnybrook girls? with anticipation. 

Above: Twins! 

Above: Mrs. Ward and Lana Evans are 
two jumper-wearing,Latin-loving, peas in 

Left: The remnants of 
this cake later made its 
way to the Milestones 

Above: Grace steals from small children. 

T R1 K A D 


President: Mimi Mayo 
Vice President: Katy Adams 


President: Kate Blackmon and Casey Taherian 
Vice President: Julie Cato 

mf ■%, V-* 1 


1 Jf^^l^i 

1 Vjk 


»T "J 

^8' iL* ; ef5 





President: Grace Clayton and Hannah Galbraith 
Vice President: Sally Jackson 



President: Shannon Stone 
Vice President: Cayce McCain 


Below: As Dani speaks, Annie wonders why Mary Ross's 
flower has a little more pale pink than her own. 

Above Left: The sixth graders pay tribute to the eighth 
graders as they look forward to junior high. 




TKe/KoUte/Wrouy Award/ 

Frances Lewis receives top academic honors earing 

the prestegious Katie Wray Award. Rachel 
Chisolm recieves second honors and Casey Potash 


Lady oftfo&HaU/ 
and/ Court 

Lady of the Hall - Susan Oliver, Senior Representative - Frances Lewis, Junior Representative - Christine Bass, Sophomore 
Representative - Caroline Johnson, Freshman Representative - Katheryn Dennison, Eighth Grade Herald - Allison Milam, Seventh 
Grade Herald - Mary Katherine Bartholomew, Sixth Grade Crownbearer - Kaitlin Ray, Fifth Grade Crownbearer - Stephanie 
Rothenberg, Flower Girls - Elizabeth Dingess and Reid Patton. 

Step Singing 

Top Right: Graduate Kale Celauro was selected by the class 
of 2001 to be the speaker at Step Singing. Pictured here with 
her family's map circa 1977, a rubber chicken, and a pair 
of padded biker shorts. 

Right: The Lady of the Hall and 



They Clayy of 2001 yufferedy yet 
another blow ay they awoke/ ow 
the/ wiorn/vvvgs of May 28th/ to- 
thvvnder cloudy and/pouringy rain/. 
Ve&pite/ they many ineonA/eruxzncesy 
ywrro-wv\d/'vv\fy thOy yea/ry 
oomme/vuye/me/nt eyy^e/roiyyeyy, 

hcrweA/e/r, a^rad/uatio-n/ wayy ay 

from/ they Onyp Cringe wordy of 
(graduation/ ypeaher and/ fellow 
cla&ymate/, prances Lewiy, to- the/ 
yenUwiertal yingin^ of the/ yenlor 
yonfy, the/ ceremony wayy both a/ 
joyowyand/ meaningful ovcwyvon/. 

They Lady of they HalL, at- 
well a/y the/ glrly with the/ 
three/ highest honory were/ 
recogru^ed/. There/ wa^y 
cCUo- a/portion/ of they cer- 
emony dedicated/ to- the/ 
memxyry of ov friend/ and/ 
the/ late/ heady of the/ Board/ 
of Trustee* at Harpeth 
Hall/, Carol/ Tla/vw. The/ 
Clayyyof2001 e^uted/the/ 
ychoxyi/year wUh/the/yoymey 
vigor with which they erv- 
tered/ their yenior year. 

Above/: Smde/, Qirlyl Yowre/ ow 
Candid Camera/. 

Abxyv&: The/ Harpeth/ Hall Upper 

Kight f ranco- telly u^ her yide/of 




Above/: EyyuiyBurn/, Kate/Blackmon/, 
and/ Stephanie/ Beatty are/ full of 
milted/ emotions. 

Left: The/ claw that yity together 

graduates together. 

Below: (jlowti^wUh/ejtc£te4nent, the/ 

girUr proce&y Onto- the/ crowded/ 



A bovei Jennifer H cwrUow, 
clatyoflOOl I 

Kicfht: Cayc&McCcu#v: 

Below: frcur^joe^, already 
Speech/, ccyme&forwcxrd/ter 
clcu^vvHer awcu'd/ctythe/ 
hxyruyvywvtfo&zestnAxyr cla&y. 

4A^s^j\jb/V^ . . . 

Above/. LL^ie/SnvCthproce^ in/to- the/ %ywv, 
rahter than/ ow Souby lawn/. 
Left: The/ Elam/ fcwuly receiver cv ory&tal/ 
bowl \av rewtemfrerance' of Carol/. 

Above/: My. Teaffgetyh&^hcintly 

fia/M/if SOjiiL... 

Above: Martha Ingram converses with the students after giving her inspiring 
speech for the Women of Distinction Speaker Series. 

Above: Amy Grant and Vince Gill present at 
the Gala , marking the end of the 50th 

anniversary celebration. 

Above: Two of Harpeth Hall's most valued 

alumns, Miss. Patty Chadwell and Ms. Polly 



Above: Harpeth Hall celebrates the women from 
Ward Belmont at Reunion Weekend. 



Above: Denton Whitson and Mary Katherine Bartholomew show 
their school spirit in our very stylish HH hats. 



Above: Florence Kidd, Director of Middle Schools for Metro 
bove: Harpeth Hall commemorated its 50th Anniversary Nashville and 1999 Academy of Women Achievement Recipeient, 
Kth an Alumnae Art Show and the girls in sports Seminar. °P enl y &*** and telks with Tanner Holmes - 



■=nr-» 1 

>^> ■"' 



i fHHgp" 

j^m'W J^fl 


6031 fiiMww**/^ 


T+r: 35S-S657 

255 i: 

Alexandra & Victoria Littlefair-Molin 

Since Starting to walk at 9 months old, I've never been able to catch up . 

256 LittlefaiH 

The Terribly Terrific Twins 

. But there has never been a dull moment 

Lots of Love from 
Mama, Papa, and John 








258 Martin 

For God, who said, "Let light shine out of darkness," made his light 
shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of 
God in the face of Christ. 2 Corinthians 4:6 

Margaret, you are sunshine in ouy lives. Keep shining! 
Mom, Da4, Mary Hunt, Molly, Madeline and Alex 

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Forthose who bring 

sunshine to the lives of 

others cannot keep it 

from themselves. 

Be strong and of good courage; do not 

be afraid or dismayed, for the Lord 

your God will be with you wherever 

you go.Joshua 1 :9 

We love you, Alice 
Ourthoughts and prayers 

are with you always. 

Mom, Dad, Martha Grace 

and Will 



262 Himmelfarb 

"The knowingness of little 

girls is hidden underneath 

their curls." 

-Phyllis McGinley 

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To everything there is a season, and a time to every 
purpose under the heaven... 


Kym, this is your season, We're very proud of you, and wish 
you the best of everything for your future! 

Much love, 
Mom, Dad, and Natalie 

Goldstein 265 



266 Mayo 

You Have Come So 

We Love You 

Dad & Cindy 



Sweet Metuaa, 

you axe audi a unique, compaaoionate, (bdght, cxeatiue, and 
utondexful pexaon — a gift putm Qod, a tHm&uxe Beyond deaodptian. 

Continue to- uae the gifta and talenta Qod haa given you to do 
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Mom, 2>ad, and Monk 



Emily- You are the light of my life- 
We all love you 

The Dades, Pritchetts, Nanny & Pal 

There is always one moment in childhood when 
the door opens and lets the future in. 

Graham Green 
Go for it, Emily. Love, 

Dad, Mom, Benjamin, Jennifer, 
Nicholas and Walter 





Jewelry C? 

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Gaskin 273 

274 Genca 

Congratulations, Anna Russell 
We are so proud of you!! 

Do your best and enjoy life. 

We love you very much, 
Mom, Dad, and Mark 

Kellev 215 

Dear Catherine, 

All of us are so proud of you. We congratulate 
you for your accomplishments and thank you for all the joy 
I you bring us. 

All of our love to you, 

Mom and Dad, Adams, Lucius and 
Debbie, Sarah and Aby, Chris, and Sarah. 



276 Carroll 

Shoot for 
the/ Moow. 
Even/ if 
vnite/j yow 




Be/ strong^ avwL 
courageowy. Vo- 
not be/ terrified/; 
clUcouroLged/ , for 
the/ Lord/ your Qod/ 
wiW be/ with/ yow 
where/ ever yow go-. 
Joshua/ 1:9 

Vow wwule/ Ct! 

-Mama/, Vad/, LcLcey 

Galbraith 277 

r sir ■ 

1 ; V ° *" m 
1 l& ,4 

Our Precious Ashley! It is rare to meet someone 
who has a gentle spirit and yet loves 
competition. Whatever you have done you have 
pressed onto the end. your persistence and 
kindness to others will take you far. we believe 
in you and pray your journey from here will be 
full of success, fun, and love. 
Mom, Dad, Michelle, Laura, Will, and Haley 




to the 

Harpeth Hall 




From the restaurants in 
Nashville and Franklin 




Dear Megan, 

^/Ve are so proud of you and believe in you always. It is our honor to be your family. 

With much love and admiration, Mom, Dad, and Erin 

I can do everything through him who gives me strength. Phillipians 4:13 

Build us a daughter 
Who will be strong en< >ugh t< > be 

And brave enough to face herself 

when she is afraid. 

One who will know courage and 

dignity in failure 

Yet learn tolerance and kindness with 

Build us a daughter 

Whose heart will be joyous and 


And whose soul will know music. 

Give her humility and empathy. 

Help her learn to prepare for the 


Yet, respect and learn from the past. 

After all these things are hers, 

Add, please, a glorious sense of 

humor for, 

While life is serious, we don't dare take 

it too seriously. 

May she always remember the open 

mind of wisdom, 

And the open heart of love. 

Then we, her parents, will dare to 


"We are proud and happy." 

Cristin, Courtney cK: | cffrcv 


fit HI 

Always has slept anywhere 

f2i^ e ^jl an ^ i &mme sends 7 to uliials 

.4* alwa ys, we lw e_you 


Oujt Lovey y 
Oar Joy, 

Our Sarah/. 




Mom/, Void/, Anna/ 

Your oourcLge/ } ovwbperbe*/eraAT<x& i^ 

aU/yowTuv^e/hc^to-cie^wi^ he/ a/ 

role/ vvuy&eb for wve/. I ovwv bo-proud/ of yow cwid/ 

the/ way yow have/ grow kv up . 

Love/, Mowv 

286 Smith 

Loves her little brother 

Drives carefully 

Studies hard 


We've loved every 
minute. Congratulations. 


All our love, 
Mom, Dad, and Adam 


Dresses appropriately 

Knows the value 

of a great haircut 


Fears nothing 

Keeps both feet planted 
firmly on the ground 

Floyd 287 

from the time thfct 

vjou Were, n little. 

airl, itpecfame 

fcwvforent thfat uou 

Woul(( choose the 

r<Hto( lev tmVeU((. 

tJQur strong sense of 

self twit, expression 

in mfrnu Wfaus — 

u our hfair color, 

u our fart, the 

choices uou mfa%e> 

-With arefat mvect 


Womfan uou hfaVe 

become, We thfank 

mou for fall thejou 

uou hfaVe brought 

into our liVes; fan^ 

We Wish uou arefat 

fafiyentures fant{ 

success IKS uou 

continue uour 


&onarfatu lotions f 

With cdpiftina loVe 


^ our f family 

288 Guider 

Something Special 

Great Food to Go! 

107 Heady Drive 
Nashville, TN 37205 
(615) 352-0296 

Party Time 

Most Beautiful Weddings 

107 Heady Drive 
P.O. Box 50564 

Nashville, TN 

(615) 352-0295 



Keep your eye 
on the ball. 

Clothes don t ui Dress warmly on 

Jump into new a i wa ys make Don t lose sight cM day§ 

challenges with the person. of your goals, 
both feet. 

Believe in magic. 

Music is good for the soul. 

Your family will always be there for you. 

Smile and the | 

world will smile [ 


®ea* JiatMem, 

J(U matt important thing* tawnemfa* 

fatm than any puny iwmwim 

wide ut&dd!!! 

Mem, (Pat, Ohm, and Mxxtt 

290 Serck 


Hour*: Monday - Friday 9-5 

Stitch It® 


4055 Hillsboro Road 


Nashville, Tennessee 37215 


Secretary Treasurer 


Dance Wear - Active Wear 

Green Hills 

22 1 Crestmoor Road 

Nashville, TN 37215 


the French &hoppe 



4044 Hillsboro Pike Nashiville, TN 37215 
(615) 292-4659 

ZwJmiAmb, Ami VhrngKammg 

Custom Computerized Designs On: 


* Linens 

* Jackets 

* T-Shirts 

* and More!! 

4012 Hillsboro Rd. 

Nashville, TN 37215 

Tue - Fri 9:00 - 6:00 

Sat 9:00 - 4:00 


Japanese Steak & Sushi Bar 
110 21 st Avenue South 

Now Serving Lunch at the Hibachi Grill 



110 21st Avenue, So. 
Nashville, TN. 37203 
Jed Suzuki 


209 10 th Avenue South 

Suite 110 (South End) 




Take all that you've become 
To be all that you can be. 
Soar above the clouds 
And let your dreams set you free. 

-Jillian K. Hunt- 

With Love, 

Mom, Dad, Sandy, Andrew, Maggie, and Kyle 


Stone 295 

Vear Ivana/, 


bvmply learn/ to- 

thOnh weH } yow wdt 

have/ plenty of career 

arid/ education/ 



Synergy doem/t 
j utt happen/- \Jt% 
as proves. Yow 
have/to get 

1 Keep your heart free/ from/ hate/. Your wwnd/ 
free/ from/ worry. LiA/e/ bvwiply. E)cpectlCttLe/. 
Give/ vnuch. forget belf- -think/ of other y. Voouy 
yow would/be/ done/by. VoaHyowoovnfor 
people/ with/ no thought of pergonal/ galvv. fCH 
your life/ with/ love/. By following' the&e/ 
guidseliv\jey, yow will be/ well/ on/ your way to 

You/ cichCeved/ a/lot. We/cwe/zo-proud/ofyow.. 

Love/, Monvotrid/Void/ 


A wiea^ure/ full of laughter 

for every yvngle/ hour. A nd/ 

several dropy of humor to- keep 

from/ growings your. A pinch or 

two- of d/UoCpUney and/ countl&yy Vaty of 

love/... A cup of faith (Blended/ with Prayer) 

Vraww from/ the/ well above/. A large/ awiount 

of thankfuln&yy, and/ uvuierytanavng- too-, wCH 

make/ your liA/ung^ fluffy light, .the/ frcrytingly up 

to- you/. . . . 

You/ wCIL abwayy be/ our Horsey Bunch 

love/ Vad/ and/ Mom/ and/ family 

Mills 297 

1 ^1 


^ j 

H k i 


'A Star Is Born!" 

We Love You - Mom, Dad, 
and Houston 

They shall mount 
up with wings 
like eagles" 

(Isaiah 40:31). 

We can't wait to 
watch you soar! 
Mom, Dad, 
and Mary 

We're proud of you and we 
love you very much! May 
great success come your 

Mom, Dad, Laura, and 


300 Elrod 

J£nov tffcat 90^ ache for, anct 
cjare to dfreafl of fleeting 900? 
teaTt'js long. Stfeet fta^ Jafles, 

Lore, Hontas an<£ 7^.073 


Beard 303 

304 High 

Russell 305 


Kazzie, congratulations on your accomplishments! You are a beautiful 



"Th^ fairest of them/ aW 


Mom/, Vad/, hJavwy, Meewiaw & pawpaw 


Your are/ our pride/ and/ Joy; wvwwt, c<>mp(X4&u>YV- 
a£e/, aru^betMAttfuLl 1$e/^^ 
bleifr yow wCth the/ deMre^ of your heart. 

We/ Love/ You/! !! 

Vaddy, Mowiwiy, ar\d/ "Srerxtoi^ 

(308; Harrison 


Con^atulatCoviy, Me%wmv. 

In/ your two- timey living 
On/ A vneriea/ comlvvfr from; J a;- 
pan, you/ have/ e^cperi/enoed 
many occatLovw, made/ many 
friendy and learned/ a/ lot of 

However, Cty vy only a/ start 
of your lufe/ and you/ xvCtt/ have/ 
a/ great opportunity Ln/yow 

Ahvayy keep your dream/, 
work for others and be/ loved, 
and make/ your dream; come/ 

We/ wilb alMiayy be/ wCthyou/, 
Vad, Mom/ and Hiyuku 




We love you!! 



/W (ft- %.0a<X, ; 

'void na^it-ti 

310 Fox 

"A girl is innocence playing in the 
mud, Beauty standing on its head, 
and Motherhood dragging a doll by 
the foot." 

Lisa.... We have watched you grow into 
a beautiful young woman that many 

respect and admire But, most of all, 

a daughter and sister that we love very, 
very much. 

Mom, Ansel, and Parker 

Congratulations! Class gf2O0i 

4^Made Ii\,Ftai\ce 

300l\Afe*t Erui Avenue 

Shipp 311 

312 Mynatt 

"What lies behind us and 
what lies ahead of us are 
tiny matters compared to 
what lives within us." 
-Oliver Wendell Holmes 



You've always reached for the stars and one day we 
know you will be one! We were so proud the day you 
were born— things haven't changed! Love, Mom and Dad y 

Lit - 

W cawvy tvi\s svMAAtr <x\\ w au^e/s and (Mtier 


i Remember Elizabeth— "All you 
need \s love" Your brother, 




Cassie, thank you so 
much for so many life shaping 
memories. ..Miss Martha's, 
"beautiful skin you just pump, 
pump!", New York-Ford, the 
Knicks, Green Hills softball, 
volleyball games, Kanakuk, 
cheerleading, boyfriends, NBA 
games with Mimi and Grandad, 
theGreenBeach House, etc, etc. 
We ALL are so proud to be your 
parents, sister, and brother. 
Thank you for teaching us by 
your example. Keep becoming 
the woman that God has 
intended you to be! We love 
you! Royal, Meghann, 
Michaelanne, and Robertson 

& y > 




"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there 
is not path and leave a trail." Ralph Waldo Emerson 

We love you "Loney Baby" Mom, Dad, and Julian 




You're "The Total Package" 
and we love you so much. 

Mom, Dad, and Leslie 

318 Toth 


and/ Con^cztulcxttOYiy 

tothes Clmy of 2001 ! 

4317 Harding Road 


Katy Elizabeth, 

We love loving you! ! 

Granny and Dad, Alice, 

Warren, Woobie, Baker, 

and Baby Elizabeth, 

Elizabeth, J.R. and Baby 

Miller, Miller and Stephen, 

Andy and Kylah 

320 Adams 


322 Gato 

Jackson 323 

Always know where 
you're going 

Don't talk to strangers Watch what you eat 

Be a good listener 

And be willing to 

Set your goals high 

Be a dreamer 

But watch out for 

Most important- 
come home soon! 

We love you, darling Lisa- 
Mom, Dad, and Tricia 

324 McWilliams 

We love you, Peanut! 

Mom, Dad, Grant, 
Caroline, Michael, and 
Sally Anne 


You have/ brought yo- much/ fun/, love/, and 
happened to- our family. Your hOndnety, 
wonderfub spirit and/ great gifts of finding 
good/ on/ everything' and/ everyone/ wiXttake/ 
you far. May aU/your dreams come/true/- 

We/love/you! Mom/, Vad/, Chate/ 

326 Roadv 

" If you advance confidently in the direction of your 
dreams and endeavour to live the life which you have 
imagined, you will meet with a success unexpected in 
common hours/' -Henry David Thoureau 

| Sarah, we are so proud of you! You are on your way and the 
possibilities are infinite. We love you! Your Family 

We love you! 
Mom, Dad, and Charlie 

328 Ezell 

Congratulations ! 


We love you, 
Mom, Dad, and Elizabeth 

This is our Lauren... 

Our Princess 

W 1 A 

Reaching New Heights Plying for Laughs 

s < \\ 

Under Her Spell 

Catching Up Outward Bound 

And remember, we will always love you. 
Mom, Dad, Valerie, Alex, and Spicy 

330 Trent 


Remember. . . 

"Let no feeling of 
discouragement prey upon 
you, and in the end you are 
sure to succeed." 

-Abraham Lincoln 

With all our love, 

Dad, Mom, and Scott 

Where/ ever vw the/ world/ yaw might he/, 
Know fhxrtyou/meaAO/flwwor^ 

- Mow/ 

Mountcastle 333 

334 McDllffie 

Sites & Harbison 

Attorneys at Law 

Suntrust Center 

424 Church Street, Suite 180C 

Nashville, TN 37219-2376 

Tel:(615) 782-2248 


Lonnie Young's 




(615) 297-3984 


c WaHpoper 

330 Franklin Rd., Ste. 262B 

Brentwood, Tennessee 37027 

phone 615-377-7060 • fax 615-377-7025 


Clothing a Jewelry a Gifts 

Hillsboro Village • 1721 21st Ave. S. • 269-9665 

A. Vernon 


Full service Realtor 7 

for your lifestyle 




We love to see our 
pa tients smile! 

Cosmetic Dentistry for 
the entire famil y 

Dr. Gary Waltemath 
Dr. Karen Keenan-Powell 

1 04 kenner a ve. 











Flying through the air, grabbing on to walls, and 
chewing up uniforms.. ..The Infamous Chipmunk 





Organics may lead to a 

healthy lifestyle. 

Organics not only provide fresh flavor 
and nourishment, they also reduce 
our children's exposure to potentially 
harmful pesticides. Because children 
and infants' bodies are still 
developing, they may be more 
vulnerable to pesticide exposure. 
Studies are still being done on the 
long-term effects of over-exposure 
of pesticides on children. 

Sunshine Grocery and Wild Oats Market 
are committed to bringing you and 
your family a large variety of 
certified organics - for the sake 
of our children and our planet. 

We re a natural for Nashville! 

Sunshine Grocery 

3201 Belmont Blvd. 

Community Market 

3909 Hilfsboro Pike • Green Hills 


What's in Store? 

JR Cooking Classes f If Peace for Parents %*!?%> Chair Massage *& 

O 5% Day and Wooden Nickel Fundraisers ^ 
*? : Doctors on Call D Live Music W Fun £ Educational Events \ 
It's all in our monthly community calendars. Come get yours today! 






The men and women of Thompson Machinery and 

Thompson Power congratulate the class of 2001 and wish 

them the very best today and for all their tomorrows. 

Serving Dinner 

Mon-Thurs 10:30am-9:30pm & Fri-Sat 10:30am-10:30pm 

Serving Breakfast 

9:00am-12:00noon on Saturday only 

55 years and still cookin'! ^iJt^ 

2413 Elliston Place • 327-9892 

From Scratch 

416 21*Av&S 

208 Commerce/ St 


67 W 77 " 244 ' 

email: sthmice@aol. com 


- youth and adult hockey leagues & lessons 

- basic and competitive figure skating 
-ice skating lessons for youth and adults 

- moms and tots skating classes 

- open skate nights for teens and families 

- preschool and daycare class opportunities 
-elementary and middle school skate programs 

- birthday parties 


Jeanne's Fantasia 

"Creating Dream dresses for 
magic moments" 


Fine Portraiture 

•?■■ -^-«- 


"The Magic of Frances 

9/ou/\fatAe/^ a/id^toc/l 
6& uMt/ij/o/b a/loot/^ 


The eternal is my light and aid; whom shall I fear? 

The eternal is the fortress of my life; whom shall I dread? 

When evil men assail me with their slanders, 

'tis they, my enemies and foes, who stumble to their fall. 

Even though an army were arrayed against me, 

my heart would have no fear; 

though war were waged against me, still would I be confident. 

Psalm 27: 1,2,3 

eww, Exm im 

Some great pictures we didn't get to use! 



,!, "ii;;;".'r, fr ;:::-. :: . 

|^2f^ *J 

H^^'^^^^^p' >' .' 


The Milestones staff, editors, and sponsor hope that you have 
enjoyed breaking a bit of tradition. Special thanks go out to 
Mary, Hayley and Ron of Herff Jones, Laura Scfuyers who has 
helped us out of many a jam, Kara, Scottie and Hannah who 
[were here to the bitter end finishing pages, Lisa who was a 
fabulous E-l-C, and to the rest of the staff and editors. 

world event 

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world events world events world events world events world events world events world events world events world eves 

vents world even! events world events world events world even 

tv and movie 

and movies tv and movies tv and movies tv and movies tv and movies tv and movies tv and movies tv and movies tv and movies tv a 

other entertainment 

Mob drama Ihe Sopranos was the 
highest rated program ever shown on 
HBO. Star James Gandolfini won an 
Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in 
a Drama Series. 

Broadway's longest-running show, 
Cats closed after nearly 18 years and 
a record 7,485 performances. 

Scottish actor Sean Connery, star of 
seven James Bond films, was 
knighted by Queen Elizabeth. 

Mission Impossible 2 opened on 
Memorial Day weekend and grosses 
nearly $71 million. Ihe movie went 
on to make over $200 million. 

this was the year that several 
celebrity couples called it quits. Alec 
Baldwin and Kim Basinger, Harrison 
ford and Melissa Mathison, Garth and 
Sandy Brooks, and Dennis Quaid and 
Meg Ryan all ended their long-term 

Ihe year's biggest movies were 
Cast Away, Meet the Parents, What 
Lies Beneath, Big Momma's House, 
Save the Last Dance, Miss 
Congeniality, and Hannibal. 

Ihe world remembers: 

► Sir John Gielgud, best remembered 
as the butler in Arthur in 1981. 
Gielgud died in May at 96. 

-Star Rfon'Obi Wan Kenobi, Sir Alec 
Guinness died at the age of 86. 

► Steve Allen, the IV host who 
invented the late-night talk show, 
died at 78. 

► Nancy Marchand, best known for 
her roles in Lou Grant and Ihe 
Sopranos died a day before her 72nd 

► Jason Robards, one of Hollywood's 
most respected actors, made more 
than 50 films and won two Academy 
Awards, died in December. 

► Other entertainers that passed 
away this year included Richard 
farnsworth, Loretta Young, and 
Gwen Verdon. 

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trends and technnlngy 

Apple introduces (he G4 Cube, equipped with top-loading writable CD 
drive and a fan-tree cooling system for a completely silent workspace. 

Samsung releases the Uproar SPH-WmTMP3 cellular phone. No bigger than 
a large pack of gum, it can be used to download and play MP3 tunes. 

rends and technology trends and technology trends and technology trends and technology trends and technology trends and technoli 

mds and technology trends and technology trends and technology trends and technology trends and technology trends and technoloi 


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torts sports sports sports sports sports sports sports sports sports sports sports sports sports sports sports sports sports spoi 

Cancer survivor Lance Armstrong wins 2000 Tour de 

France Americon cyclist Lance Armstrong sported the honored yellow 
jersey ogam after winning his second lour de France. 

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